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How To Encourage Kids To Write Their Homework

Most children do not like to do homework. That is a fact. Kids are just too playful to just sit and study. Bribery, ultimatums and punishment won't do anything if you want to make your kid pick up that pencil and start doing homework. If your child is struggling with homework, you just have to make them motivated.

First of all, you need to establish a study routine. Set the time for homework and stick to that schedule. Don't decide about learning time by yourself. Let your children decide what time is best for them. That way they won't feel like you are pressuring them. Invite your child to also choose where will he or she do their homework. If they prefer the kitchen table, let them learn there. Older kids might prefer to learn in their rooms, so be sure to check them from time to time so you know they are really doing their homework.

Help your kids. But, don't insist on helping them. Help only if your child asks for it. They have to feel like they are in charge. When your kids are about to give up because they don't know what to do next, encourage him or her by helping them just a little. Offer support and guidance and help them interpret assignment instructions. Don't tell them the answer, rather ask them what parts they don't understand or what they think the answer is. You will help them a little, but they will have to figure out the answers themselves.

At the end of their work time, check each piece of homework to be sure it is completed. Don't use rewards. Bribery will not get you anywhere. Replace money or toys with encouraging verbal rewards. Make positive comments about the behavior you want to encourage. Praise good work!

Help them organize. We are not born with great organization skills. They have to be learned. You can help your children by teaching them to use some kind of personal planner to help them get organized. Encourage them to keep a daily homework notebook, which can help you both to know exactly what assignments they have and when is the due date.

Work together. If you brought some work home from the office, do it same time your kid is doing the homework. It will show them that there are assignments for everyone later in life too. Do not turn on the television, even if your favorite tv show is on. If the television or the computer are on, little or no work will get done. Only thing you can add is some music, because it can help your kid to focus more effectively. As you watch your child work, compliment him on something that he does well. He will try to do even better next time!

 Doing homework will help your kids develop a sense of responsibility, pride when a job is well done and a work ethic. That's why homework is important and you as a parent have to do your part to make your children motivated!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 | By: Marina

Giveaway: 30$ gift certificate in By Samantha shop /US only

Here we go again! Lovely Samantha from By Samantha Etsy shop is giving away a 30$ gift certificate you can spend in her shop! You can choose from eclectic mix of artwork and canvas home decors you can use to decorate your home.

So, check out her shop, you will definitely find something for you. After doing that, you could also join are giveaway and try your luck! All you have to do is follow her on instagram :) Good luck!

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Monday, September 29, 2014 | By: Marina

9 Best Decor Ideas For Kids Room

Every parent wants his kid to have a nice decorated and a functional room. Their room is supposed to be a reflection of the child's personality, age and interests. Here are few cool ideas for decorating!

1. Magnetic Paint 

This is an amazing idea for kids bedroom! They can play with magnets all day long or you can write them some important message there.. Very creative! 

2. Travelers Table

via: Pinterest

The most awesome table ever, don't you agree? Perfect for your future world traveler!

3. Dinosaur wall decals

via: etsy
Almost every kid loves dinosaur stories. Especially boys! Just a few dinosaur silhouettes on the wall will make your kid love his room!

4. A room just for her

via: etsy

Your little girl is going to feel like she is the center of the world while lying on the bed with a giant sign that shows everyone this is her own room!

5. Cherry blossom tree with butterflies

via: etsy 
You can use vinyl wall decals, or you can do the painting yourself. Your kid can give you a hand. Great way to bond and boost your kid’s imagination and creativity.

6. Moon and stars on the wall

via: etsy

Various different designs are available, but i especially like the ones that glow in the dark! Those are simply beautiful!

7. Books grow on trees?

Bookshelves in the past were boring, but not anymore! This is a great idea for storing your kid’s books, and, at the same time, it is a cool decorating piece of furniture!

8. I am the center of the universe!

via: Murals Pro 
Solar system on the ceiling and the walls, surrounding the bed will make your kid feel like the center of the world!

9. Space to socialize

via: Imgur
They will use the upper space for sleeping, lower space for socializing. Your pre-teen/teen is going to love this!
Wednesday, September 24, 2014 | By: Marina

7 Coolest Secret Doors You Will Want in Your Home

One of my biggest childhood wishes was to have a secret passageway in my house. I had a big imagination and having a little place just for my secrets would be amazing. Well, unfortunately, I never had that, but at least I can enjoy some awesome photos. I will show you some cool ideas for secret doors and hidden passageways that you will absolutely love. 

1. Wall of Bookshelves 

Classic example of secret door is a wall of bookshelves. It's very subtle way to connect two rooms in your home without noticeable doors. 

2.  Movie Poster

In case you're not a book lover, old big movie poster can also be used for this. Framed poster is really unexpected to be passageway. 

3. Mirrors Mirrors Mirrors

Using mirrors to camouflage doors to secret room is a great way to make the space appear wider

4. For Kids

via: Buzzfeed

Kids love something that is just for them and this small secret passageway will be a source of many joys. 

5.Gothic Doors

Dark but awesome, don't you agree? Perfect secret doors for your bedroom!

6. Wallpapers

The simplest way possible to have a secret door in your home!

7. Hidden Stone Doors

You have to admit that this is the coolest hidden doors you have ever seen! It looks like part of some old castle. Amazing!
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Giveaway - Item of your choice from TrulySanctuary / international

Here we go again! Wonderful Ron and Beth from Truly Sanctuary Etsy shop are giving away an item of your choice from their shop! You can choose from different kind of shirts and onesies that are just the cutest.

My little one is not so little anymore as she was on this picture, but I had to share it. She is wearing onesie from Truly Sanctuary that is really beautiful, high quality and the best thing is - everyone was asking us where did we buy that cute outfit :)

So, check out their shop, you will definitely find something for you. After doing that, you could also join are giveaway and try your luck! All you have to do is follow them on one of the social networks :) Good luck!

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Sunday, August 10, 2014 | By: Marina

12 Amazing Ideas to Repurpose Old Stuff You Don't Need Anymore

Repurposing was such a big hit last couple of years. In fact, it still is. You can find so many awesome tutorials online for repurposing almost everything you don't need anymore.


1. Bike to Bathroom Counter

via: Buzzfeed

 If you have an old bike that you can't really drive anymore, but you don't want to throw it away, why not transform it to a bathroom counter. It looks so great and unique!

2. Repurposed Wrist Watches Into a Fabulous Wall Clock

 via: Pinterest

Well, this is awesome!! You can buy some old watches very cheap, or even find some cool looking ones at your grandpa's house.

3. Antique Chair Back Repurposed Into Towel Rack

via: Etsy

Don't throw those old chairs away! You can repurpose them for lots of things, this is just one cool idea.

4. Storage Under The Bed

Old drawers can be used as a storage units for under your bed! That's such a neat idea, how come we didn't think of that earlier? 

5. Folding Chair to Shelf/Closet Unit

via: Buzzfeed

Cute idea for repurposing old folding chair. It would look even better if you paint them in some bright color!

6. Chair From a Garden Hose

via: Hubpages

If you want to have cool chairs in your dining room, then this is an idea you have to think about. It looks so interesting and cool!

7. Self Watering Plants

via: Pinterest


Don't throw away old bottles! You can make so many cool things from them, and this is just one awesome idea!


 8. Suitcase Side Table

You don't know what to do with that old looking suitcase that you're keeping in the closet? Well, make a side table!! Looks amazingly cool!

9. Book Table

via: Architecture Art Designs

Hello, book lovers! You love this, admit it! Well, it's so cool, I would like to have a book bar in my own apartment. 

10.  Magazine Holder

via: Pinterest

You can use old shutters for making your balcony cuter! It will look great on that empty wall and you can keep your favorite magazines there.

11. Reclaimed Window Coffee Table

via: Etsy

This is really cute idea! Windows can be used as a coffee table! It looks fantastic, don't you agree?

12. Repurposed Pallet Swing

 via: DIY Show off

 Pallets are really popular lately. You can do so much with them and this one is one of my favorites ideas! Looks awesome!


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