Friday, September 19, 2014

Giveaway - Item of your choice from TrulySanctuary / international

Here we go again! Wonderful Ron and Beth from Truly Sanctuary Etsy shop are giving away an item of your choice from their shop! You can choose from different kind of shirts and onesies that are just the cutest.

My little one is not so little anymore, but I had to share this picture. She is wearing onesie from Truly Sanctuary that is really beautiful, high quality and the best thing is - everyone was asking us where did we buy that cute outfit :)

So, check out their shop, you will definitely find something for you. After doing that, you could also join are giveaway and try your luck! All you have to do is follow them on one of the social networks :) Good luck!

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

12 Amazing Ideas to Repurpose Old Stuff You Don't Need Anymore

Repurposing was such a big hit last couple of years. In fact, it still is. You can find so many awesome tutorials online for repurposing almost everything you don't need anymore.


1. Bike to Bathroom Counter

via: Buzzfeed

 If you have an old bike that you can't really drive anymore, but you don't want to throw it away, why not transform it to a bathroom counter. It looks so great and unique!

2. Repurposed Wrist Watches Into a Fabulous Wall Clock

 via: Pinterest

Well, this is awesome!! You can buy some old watches very cheap, or even find some cool looking ones at your grandpa's house.

3. Antique Chair Back Repurposed Into Towel Rack

via: Etsy

Don't throw those old chairs away! You can repurpose them for lots of things, this is just one cool idea.

4. Storage Under The Bed

Old drawers can be used as a storage units for under your bed! That's such a neat idea, how come we didn't think of that earlier? 

5. Folding Chair to Shelf/Closet Unit

via: Buzzfeed

Cute idea for repurposing old folding chair. It would look even better if you paint them in some bright color!

6. Chair From a Garden Hose

via: Hubpages

If you want to have cool chairs in your dining room, then this is an idea you have to think about. It looks so interesting and cool!

7. Self Watering Plants

via: Pinterest


Don't throw away old bottles! You can make so many cool things from them, and this is just one awesome idea!


 8. Suitcase Side Table

You don't know what to do with that old looking suitcase that you're keeping in the closet? Well, make a side table!! Looks amazingly cool!

9. Book Table

via: Architecture Art Designs

Hello, book lovers! You love this, admit it! Well, it's so cool, I would like to have a book bar in my own apartment. 

10.  Magazine Holder

via: Pinterest

You can use old shutters for making your balcony cuter! It will look great on that empty wall and you can keep your favorite magazines there.

11. Reclaimed Window Coffee Table

via: Etsy

This is really cute idea! Windows can be used as a coffee table! It looks fantastic, don't you agree?

12. Repurposed Pallet Swing

 via: DIY Show off

 Pallets are really popular lately. You can do so much with them and this one is one of my favorites ideas! Looks awesome!


Monday, August 4, 2014

15 Most Beautiful Places On World You Won't Believe Are Real

The Earth is amazing.So many beautiful places around us and we don't even know that they exist! Look at this pictures and add every single of these amazing places to your 'too see' bucket list!

1. Rocca San Giovanni, Italy

This small Italian town Rocca San Giovanni is just so lovely and beautiful. I could just sit at the top of these stairs, meditate and relax.

2. Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

3. The Jiuzhaigou valley,  National park Sichuan, China

 via: Wikipedia
The Jiuzhaigou valley is a nature reserve and national park. Beautiful colorful lakes and waterfalls will leave you breathless! 

4. The Cliffs of Etretat, France

 via: Gloholiday

5. Whitehaven Beach, Australia


6. Patagonia, Argentina

via: Pinterest

7. Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

 via: Topdreamer

I would love to run away here and hide from the world. Looks perfect!

8. Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

  via: Topdreamer

9. Santorini, Greece

 via: Pinterest

Santorini feels like no other place on earth. Such a beautiful and magical place!

10. Ice Canyon, Greenland

 via: Buzzfeed

11. Plitvice, Croatia

You have to admit that this is the most beautiful national park you have ever seen.

12. Bruges, Belgium

Pictures can't really do justice to this amazingly beautiful city! Bruges is just so charming!

13. Glacier National Park, Montana

14. Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

15. Jenny Lake, Wyoming, USA

via: Funcage

What is your favorite place in the world?

Monday, July 28, 2014

5 Beautiful Balcony Decorating Design Ideas

Having a balcony in your apartment is wonderful. You can drink coffee there, read a good book, watch a sunrise (if you wake up early enough) or a sunset.. Well, in one word, having a balcony is AMAZING. Here are my top picks for decorating your balcony.

1. Romantic Balcony Getaway

My first thought when I think about balcony furniture is 'comfort'. Usually, balcony furniture isn't really comfortable, don't you agree? But, this one just looks amazing.. I can imagine myself here with glass of wine, just wondering about life, maybe reading some good classic book..

2. Cute Small Balcony

You have a small balcony? No worries, small balconies can also look pretty and functional. Look at this one. I love these simple flower pots!

3. Balcony Oasis

 Via: Pinterest

Look at this perfect balcony oasis. This little wooden bike with flowers is just super sweet and everything together looks great. I would love to have a balcony like this one!

4. Simple Repurposed Balcony

Did you ever think that old repurposed items can look this good? Well, let this balcony be your inspiration - it's beautiful with all the simple details!

5. Colorful Flowery Balcony

This one is the winner! This colorful combination just looks amazing together. Can you imagine yourself drinking tea with your girlfriends here? It's perfect!

What kind of balcony would you like to have?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

10 Amazing Food Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind (I am exaggerating :) )

Here is the ultimate list of food hacks I found online over the time. Some of them I use a lot, some of them I still didn't try. But, it's definitely time to share them with you. Do you know some great kitchen trick that can help the rest of us?

1. Amazing Chocolate Bowl Made With a Balloon

2. Hot-dog spaghetti

3. How to quickly defrost meat

Find out here: video.

4. Crunchy taco shells


5. How to easily remove the stem from a strawberry

6. How to chill white wine

7. Nutella and puff pastry

8. Perfect dinner for a student :)

9. How to get those egg shell pieces out

10. How to keep your ice-cream soft

cool tasty chocolate bowl
cool tasty chocolate bowl
cool tasty chocolate bowl

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Daily Dose of Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest is a great tool to get you inspired!
I use it for my work. I use it when I need to find some new recipes. I use it when I am up to some new DIY project. I use it all the time. Sometimes even little bit too much. :) Pinterest obsessed!

It's Sunday, perfect day for little bit chillaxing. So, here is my dose of inspiration that will help me survive the week ahead of me!

This is the old recipe from Lizzy from Your Cup of Cake blog. Looks yummi! My little one is having her first birthday party in couple of weeks, so I need to find some perfect cupcakes for that!

This is one of the 46 awesome string light DIYs you can find on this link. I love it because it says 'dream', one thing you should never forget to do! If your dreams don't scare you, they are just not big enough!

 Perfect! I just love how the different types of art pieces look great together on the white wall.

I miss snail mail sometimes. Here you can find tutorial for simple DIY envelopes with washi tape.

What inspired you today?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

10 Awesome Things I Love About London

In a few weeks I will be visiting London once again. If it's up to me, I would fly there every single month. Well, maybe one day when I won the lottery or something like that. Maybe I should start playing!
Here are 10 things why I adore London!

1. Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, London Eye...

London is just magnificent. You can just walk around and you will see gorgeous buildings everywhere! I can't even choose my favorite place in London because I love them all so much!

2. Telephone Boots

For some reason I am in love with telephone boots. They are so magical to me, like a reminder of an old time. And the red ones are just my favorites!

3. Tea

I love tea. No, I really really really love tea! The city where nobody thinks that you can drink tea only when you have a flu or something - that's my kind of city!

4. Pubs

Simple place where you can have something to eat while drinking a good beer and watching the game (maybe even horse racing or a polo game). Love that kind of places! On the picture you can see a vegetarian meal, but of course - they have meat :)))

5. Sherlock Holmes

 Sherlock Holmes lived here - enough said!

6. Parks

London has beautiful parks. And the best thing about the parks is that people are actually enjoying them! Everyone is hanging out in parks, talking, laughing, playing, eating - I love that. If I sit here in the park and start having my lunch, everyone would think I am crazy!

7. Squirrels

Who doesn't like squirrels? They are just adorable and the ones that live in London are friendly and love people!

8. Camden

My favorite part of London! Charming, vibrant, diverse - can't wait to walk those streets again!

9. The Beatles

Don't ask me to choose favorite Beatles song! That would be like asking mother what is her favorite child. Moms don't have favorite child, of course!

10. Shopping in Oxford Street

The last but not the least - shopping in Oxford Street. I could spent all day long just walking around Oxford street and going to every single shop that exists there! 

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