Monday, May 23, 2016 | By: Marina


What have you been up to lately?

There are lots of changes happening in my life right now. Not sure if all of them will work out, but I like the feeling that something is changing... for the better, I hope.

Two months ago I decided to become a vegetarian. It's not so hard and I am enjoying in so many tasty vegetarian dishes. I feel like my diet is much more diverse than it was before.

I am running. So far I can only do 5k, anything else is out of my league, but I am progressing slowly. I even did some trail and trekking races and enjoyed wonderful hiking views. Of course, I didn't run all the time, but even if you walk around the mountain, it's still good.

I started to drink a better coffee, such as Red Bean Coffee. I was only drinking instant coffees before, and I have to admit that this is much much better.

I am writing a lot. And really enjoying it. Letters, stories... My favorite thing is to get into my Hello Kitty Kigurumi, turn on some relaxing music and just write..

Taking care of myself. Much better than before. I am using natural skin care remedies and going to a OC Facial Care Center. This can help you feel like the celebrity - check out this cool website and be a celebrity for a day :) So cool!

My husband wanted something cool and unique for his birthday (30 years old!) - so when I found Gun Garage, I recommended something like that and he was thrilled. It was perfect for those who have never even held a firearm. They will learn the proper technique there.
He is also obsessed with space, galaxy, planets - so when I found this cool space cufflinks - I had to get him that! He was so surprised and he liked both presents a lot! I love getting cool and unique presents!

So, what's new with you?

Changes are always good and making us feel better! So, do something nice for yourself!
Tuesday, May 17, 2016 | By: Marina

8 techniques to reduce stress in 15 minutes

Reducing stress in just 15 minutes? Is that even possible?

According to this infographic, it is - and it's actually quite simple! Power naps, coloring books, exercising - it doesn't have to be complicated to be effective.

I think I will try with breathing - taking even and deep breaths when you're feeling stressed has been proven to lower cortisol levels, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. Simple as that.

Check out this awesome infographic to find out more tips and tricks and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

8 techniques to reduce stress in 15 minutes
8 techniques to reduce stress in 15 minutes [Infographic] by the team at
Tuesday, May 3, 2016 | By: Marina

Top Tips to Have a Stress Free Vacation in Barcelona

Barcelona is by far one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This city is the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia region and has a marvelous architecture. Its art defines it, it has great food, friendly locals and a vibrant street life.

First of all, when you travel to this city, you should not limit your research only to airplane tickets, hotel rooms, and the touristic attractions and you should do the research on the costs for the airport transfer to the city and how much time it will take to get to your destination.

Also, if you want a fast travel option, you can book a Barcelona airport taxi. We recommend you to buy a Barcelona Card with Guidebook. This way you can pay a little over 45 euros to see and do everything in Barcelona with this great discount card. All taxes and service fees are included, you will receive discounts at the selected restaurants, shops, and attractions in the Guidebook and the flexibility to customize your itinerary as you please.

Also, this city is well known for the amazing food and the best way to test this is to order a lot of tapas and then drink a good glass of red or white sangria. There are many places where to have the awesome traditional tapas. One of the places recommended is just around the corner from La Sagrada Familia, a place called El Tastet de L'Artur that has a lunch menu for just 15 euros a person and the sangria is included in the price. You should also try the traditional seafood paella.

A beautiful place to visit is La Boqueria, which is a huge market located near the La Rambla where everything is fresh and locally grown. If you're an adventurous person, you should travel up the hill to the Montjuic neighborhood to have a glance over the entire city.

You don't need to spend a fortune to have a dream vacation in Barcelona if you stick to fail-safes like Airbnb you can stay within the local neighborhood in an apartment at a really reasonable price.

The best way to have a stress-free vacation is to plan it all ahead. Book everything you want and do read other tourists' opinions from the internet to be prepared for the unexpected. Barcelona is an amazing city that offers everything you expect and more.
Friday, April 22, 2016 | By: Marina

*Instagram Love*

Do you use Instagram? I do and I love it.

Here are some of my favorite people there:

1. Parental_Journey

 Dreamer, writer, optimist... Work at home mom that loves snail mail! Or better to say: yours truly :)

2. Emily Ley

Weirdest thing - I was planning to add Emily to the list. I opened my Instagram to check out her Instagram handle, and guess what? Her post was at the top of my feed!!

Emily is a designer, writer, wife and mama of 3. I love her posts about organizing and simplifying your life.

3. Chudak18
Mark is a young entrepreneur that lives today like there's no tomorrow. His goal is to promote positive reinforcement in a world filled with negativity. Follow him if you think a like!

4. Baked By Mummy Iris

If you're a foodie, you will love mummy Iris. Her cookies and everything else she bakes and makes are just amazing!

These are just few people I love to follow on Instagram!

What are your favorite instagrammers?

Friday, April 8, 2016 | By: Marina

Red Flags When Hiring Criminal Attorney

Your attorney is acting rude? He hurries to get you off the phone all the time and gives you almost no reason to believe that any real work has been done? If this is the case, you should definitely look for another criminal attorney, because they are not all the same. Feel free to check Los Angeles criminal attorney or ask someone for recommendation. 

Not all the lawyers have great bedside manners, in fact - many of them act like jerks with their clients. So, just don't stick with the attorney that is acting like king of the universe. Find a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable communicating.

If you have big concerns about your attorney, you are not comfortable with him - switch the lawyer. In most cases, you have a right to whatever attorney you want, you don't have to stay with your current one. Don't hesitate to raise the prospect of switching.

Talk With Your Attorney Before Switching 

One thing though - you should inform your attorney about your concerns about them and give them a chance to rectify these issues. Attorneys tend to be really busy, so you might find them harsh, especially if they are in the middle of the trial. Also, it doesn't mean that if your attorney is rude and unresponsive, that it won't win your case. The rudest and non-responsive attorneys can be very effective in court.  

That is all true, but the best lawyers are good both inside and outside the courtroom. You don't have to settle for one or the other. So, it all comes down to this: if you don't feel comfortable with your lawyer and you don't trust him or her, he or she is not the right lawyer for you.

Thursday, April 7, 2016 | By: Marina

Why Are There So Many Divorces?

The idea of living with a single person for the rest of your life was a lot simpler when the life expectancy was 55 years, don't you agree?

We are just joking. Of course that is not the only factor why there are so many divorces these days. One of the main reasons is that western countries have much more social freedoms then before and less rigid gender roles. Other cultures are still very traditional when it comes to marriage. What does that mean? Women in western countries are much more likely to earn money on their own, and they are not dependent on their partner anymore. Generally, there is no massive economic hardship, there is no family or social pressure. That is why lots of them get divorced when they are unhappy. 

Why Do We Get Unhappy In Our Marriage? 

Many of us don't know what we want when we get married and it is not surprising that a relationship that was meant to be for life breaks down at some point. After all, we are not machines. Not everyone makes the best of choices when choosing the person to spend their whole life with. People change all the time. Feelings change.

There is no one to blame there. It happens. Life happens. Only thing you can do is to get a good divorce lawyer and try to make your divorce as decent as possible. If you're in Los Angeles, you should check LawTrek - they can help you with all aspects of a divorce case.

Just remember - don't blame yourself for a divorce and don't think it happens only to you. There are many, many, many more factors involved in a divorce, cultural, economical and otherwise.

It is actually a good thing that people are not forced by social shaming to stay in unhappy marriages! 
Friday, April 1, 2016 | By: Marina

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas.

You probably think that it can't happen to you, but trust me, when you're in Vegas – everything is possible, even ending up in jail. One thing you need to know more about is bail bonding.

A bail bondsman can be any person or agency that will act as a surety and pledge money or property as bail for the appearance of persons accused in court.

How do Bail Bonds Actually Work?

When someone is arrested for any type of crime, that person will be taken by police to jail for booking. During this process, the person will have a mug shot taken, they will be fingerprinted, and asked for a statement. If the person  doesn't want to be held in jail until the court, they can be released on bail.  

A bail bond is a legal and binding contract between a bail bondsman, a co-signer and a defendant. The bail bondsman agrees to be responsible for the full amount of the bail if the co-signer promises to make sure the defendant makes all of their court dates. The co-signer must also agree to be responsible for the full amount of the bail if the defendant does not appear in court. To secure the bail bond, the co-signer must pay the bail bondsman a premium of 15 percent of the total cost of the bail bond.

So, if you're in Las Vegas and you end up in some trouble, the best thing you can do is call Express Bail Bonds. Express Bail Bonds is a family operated Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company that is working for over 15 years. They are offering fast, friendly and professional service. They can answer questions, offer free advice and bail you out of the jail fast.

And don't worry – bail bond services are very discreet and they keep all of its client's information completely confidential. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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