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Traveling – How to get cheap plane tickets

This is definitely my biggest passion. I love to travel. I get such a great feeling when I am somewhere unknown, where nobody knows me, where nothing is familiar.. That’s so exciting!
I try to travel outside my country at least two times a year. Some people don’t understand how, since I am unemployed and I don’t have some extra money to spend on that. Well, the answer is cheap traveling. I don’t think I ever payed plane ticket more than 20 euros. How’s that possible? How to get cheap plane tickets?
Well, if you love to travel but you always think that you don’t have enough money, listen to this.

How to get cheap plane tickets

Step 1.

Find out which airlines do you have in your city and in the cities around you.

Step 2.

Find their webpages and sign in to their newsletters. That’s a great way to find out all great offers they have. This way you will get all the offers in your mail box and there’s no chance that you will miss some great opportunity. Some low coast companies sometimes even sell their tickets for 1 euro. Well, this is only inside Europe, I don’t know how’s the situation overseas.
Also, one of the best websites for finding cheap tickets is AzAir. Check it out!

Step 3.
Don’t be afraid of flying with low coast companies. It’s not so comfortable and you don’t get some free food, but do you really need that for a travel that last for a few hours?

Step 4.
I never plan in advance to which destination will I travel. Destination is not important, it’s the journey that counts. If you’re travel lover, you will have to agree with that. So, don’t plan destinations in advance.. Wait for the low prices of plane tickets and then grab the chance while you have it, no matter to what place will that cheap ticket take you. Of course, you don’t have to go to some place you don’t like, but if you don’t know anything about it, why not give it a chance?

Step 5.

So, tickets are bought for such a small amount of money, what now?? Ok, now it’s time to find cheap place to sleep. Of course, it has to be nice and tidy, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive?
But, more about that in my next post.

Do you travel a lot? What was your favorite destination? What do you think about low coast airlines?

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  1. I love to travel too.Lucky with little money from here I can go to some paradise islands liek Samoa Tonga New Caledonia Fidzi and many others.My favourite is Vanuatu because of the blue clear waters(my hobby is scuba diving)

  2. I agree, I'm perfectly fine with staying at hostels when I travel as long as they are clean and convenient. My sibling on the other hand, will turn her nose up, she likes her high class establishments =.=

  3. I love to travel but I like to do it on wheels. We go by car or motorcycle. We have discovered better priced motels one block off main streets. We never eat at big chains restaurants … we find a local cafe where there are always lots of cars parked outside. Clean sheets and a hot shower are the only things we care about in a motel. And, like you, we don't get bogged down in planning exactly where to go. It's always an adventure when we get in the car or on the motorcycle! Nice post!

  4. We haven't traveled by plane in years now since I was caring for a sick family member. We've been driving more often. Cost of everything everywhere has definitely inflated so we like to compare gas prices and when we stay since we don't have hostels in the U.S. we look for little studio hotel suites with a kitchenette, bathroom, and either 1 bedroom and sleeper sofa or 2 bedrooms.

    The kitchenette is really convenient in that you don't eat out for your meals. You can go to the store and buy your needed groceries at the price you want to take back and then cook your own meals.

    I have been really dissuaded lately in the U.S. from getting a passport since I find they're getting really fickle about proving your citizenship. I've lived her all my life and been born here, but I keep hearing from my local politicians of people like me whom the government denies them and requests you fill out forms that are downright crazy. I don't want to deal with the politics even though I'd love to travel abroad.

    When I was younger before all this political drama began and you didn't need a passport to go to Canada we went up to see Niagra Falls. Otherwise we've stayed in the U.S. which is fine because there are several states I have yet to see here as well.

  5. I wish I traveled more often! I only travel within my state these days…I went to Texas and Florida when I was little though, but never outside of the country sadly 🙁
    Good tips :))

  6. Obozavam da putujem, ali u poslednje vreme bas i nisam u situaciji.Nemam nista protiv low coast letova, bas je moj suprug putovao jednom od tih kompanija.Kaze, malo drci i bruji, ali je OK.Potpuno se slazem sa tobom, nebitno je odrediste, vazno je putovanje.

  7. @Dzoli, koja divota, i ja se nadam jednom posjetiti nešto tako predivno!
    @Blair, I agree, it's important that it's clean.. We will only sleep there, I don't need television or some other stuff..
    @Suddenly Susan, I have to tell my husband to learn how to drive motorcycle, so we can go to some moto road trips, too 🙂
    @Elle Sees, you really did a lot of traveling.. That's great, those are the memories that will count.
    @The "E" girl, well, you have lot to see in U.S., too.. I can't believe that there can be so much trouble with getting a passport!!
    @Francesca R, yes, even for less money.. There are companies like Ryanair or Easyjet that have really cheap tickets.
    @Cerina, it's never too late to start traveling 🙂
    @cryskay, yes.. Two years ago I even went to Scotland for only 10 euros.
    @Jasnas' kitchen creations, istina cijeli dan u avionu i nije baš zabavno.. a i ta prekooceanska putovanja i dalje su preskupa 🙁
    @aleks, sve ovisi kakav te avion dopadne.. Recimo, meni je puno bolji bio avion od Ryanaira koji sam platila 20 eura, neg puno skuplji od Air Francea.. Tako da i to sve ovisi..
    @Rosa's Yummy Yums, as you can see, you really need a little money to travel 🙂

  8. Divan post, i super savjeti! Ne bih se nikad sjetila prijaviti na Newsletter-e avio kompanija, ali sad kad ovo čitam moram isprobati! 20 Eura? Woohooo…

    Can't wait to read your next post! 🙂

  9. @netw, it's definitely more fun!!
    @villa-Loredana, imam i ja jednog vragolana 🙂 Baš se valja po podu 🙂
    @Sadie, I am glad you found some good tips in my post..
    @Tanja, nadam se da ćeš naći neke dobre ponude 🙂
    @Jo-Anne, I hope you will find it 🙂
    @Mama Spaghetti, that's too expensive, I am sure there's cheap tickets somewhere around you 🙂

  10. im mixed in betweenn.. sometimes i like cheaper hotels as long as its clean and stuff but if im feeling like i woild like a nicer hotel and wouldnt mind spending hte money then i would opt for a higher star rating hotel…

    maybe u can order ELF online?? not sure if they ship it everywhere (I hope so) =] at…they always have coupon codes soo dont ever checkout without one!! saves u a whole lot of money =]


  11. baš si me razveselila motivom Londona na pozadini, joj što volim taj grad ! 🙂
    Putovanje, uvijek ! Što jeftinije doći od točke A do točke B također uvijek ! 🙂 . Low coast je ok, pogotovo za relacije od 1-2 do 3 sata na kojima ja obično letim, a i moram priznati da sam do sada sa tim kompanijama imala samo dobra iskustva, često nisam niti primjetila razliku u odnosu na one "redovne". Želim da mi slijedeće putovanje bude u Maroko ili negdje na istok, nadam se da ću nešto od toga uspjeti organizirati.

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