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10 Awesome Things I Love About London

In a few weeks I will be visiting London once again. If it’s up to me, I would fly there every single month. Well, maybe one day when I won the lottery or something like that. Maybe I should start playing!
Here are 10 things why I adore London!

1. Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, London Eye…

London is just magnificent. You can just walk around and you will see gorgeous buildings everywhere! I can’t even choose my favorite place in London because I love them all so much!

2. Telephone Boots

For some reason I am in love with telephone boots. They are so magical to me, like a reminder of an old time. And the red ones are just my favorites!

3. Tea


I love tea. No, I really really really love tea! The city where nobody thinks that you can drink tea only when you have a flu or something – that’s my kind of city!

4. Pubs

Simple place where you can have something to eat while drinking a good beer and watching the game (maybe even horse racing or a polo game). Love that kind of places! On the picture you can see a vegetarian meal, but of course – they have meat :)))

5. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes lived here – enough said!

6. Parks

London has beautiful parks. And the best thing about the parks is that people are actually enjoying them! Everyone is hanging out in parks, talking, laughing, playing, eating – I love that. If I sit here in the park and start having my lunch, everyone would think I am crazy!

7. Squirrels

Who doesn’t like squirrels? They are just adorable and the ones that live in London are friendly and love people!

8. Camden

My favorite part of London! Charming, vibrant, diverse – can’t wait to walk those streets again!

9. The Beatles

Don’t ask me to choose favorite Beatles song! That would be like asking mother what is her favorite child. Moms don’t have favorite child, of course!

10. Shopping in Oxford Street

The last but not the least – shopping in Oxford Street. I could spent all day long just walking around Oxford street and going to every single shop that exists there!


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