Repurposing old watches

12 Amazing Ideas to Repurpose Old Stuff You Don’t Need Anymore

Repurposing was such a big hit last couple of years. In fact, it still is. You can find so many awesome tutorials online for repurposing almost everything you don’t need anymore.

1. Bike to Bathroom Counter

via: Buzzfeed

 If you have an old bike that you can’t really drive anymore, but you don’t want to throw it away, why not transform it to a bathroom counter. It looks so great and unique!

2. Repurposed Wrist Watches Into a Fabulous Wall Clock

 via: Pinterest

Well, this is awesome!! You can buy some old watches very cheap, or even find some cool looking ones at your grandpa’s house.

3. Antique Chair Back Repurposed Into Towel Rack

via: Etsy
Don’t throw those old chairs away! You can repurpose them for lots of things, this is just one cool idea.
4. Storage Under The Bed
Old drawers can be used as a storage units for under your bed! That’s such a neat idea, how come we didn’t think of that earlier? 

5. Folding Chair to Shelf/Closet Unit

Cute idea for repurposing old folding chair. It would look even better if you paint them in some bright color!

6. Chair From a Garden Hose

via: Hubpages

If you want to have cool chairs in your dining room, then this is an idea you have to think about. It looks so interesting and cool!

7. Self Watering Plants

Don’t throw away old bottles! You can make so many cool things from them, and this is just one awesome idea!

 8. Suitcase Side Table

You don’t know what to do with that old looking suitcase that you’re keeping in the closet? Well, make a side table!! Looks amazingly cool!

9. Book Table

via: Architecture Art Designs

Hello, book lovers! You love this, admit it! Well, it’s so cool, I would like to have a book bar in my own apartment.

10.  Magazine Holder

You can use old shutters for making your balcony cuter! It will look great on that empty wall and you can keep your favorite magazines there.

11. Reclaimed Window Coffee Table

via: Etsy
This is really cute idea! Windows can be used as a coffee table! It looks fantastic, don’t you agree?

12. Repurposed Pallet Swing

 Pallets are really popular lately. You can do so much with them and this one is one of my favorites ideas! Looks awesome!

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