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So, you have nice cheap ticket in your hands and someone great, funny and awesome to accompany you? What next? It’s time to find a cheap place to stay.

1. If you’re not too demanding, hostels should be first on your list. There are few very popular pages where you can see all the hostels in the city you’re going too. You can read reviews of other people and that way you can see what are cons and pros for the hostel you liked. So, when you find few hostels you like, it’s time to find them a cheaper price. How to do that? Try to find original web page of that hostel, because most of the time prices are much cheaper if you do your reservation through their page. Second, look for that hostel on some other web pages, because sometimes the difference in price can be very big.

2. You don’t like hostels because you have to share your room with people you don’t know? But it doesn’t have to be that way. Lots of hostels have private rooms, and lots of them even have their own bathroom. And they are still much cheaper then hotels.

3. Apartments. You probably think that would be too expensive. You would be wrong. If you’re traveling with a big group of friends, renting an apartment would be a great idea. Why? Because when you split the coast of apartment it’s still much cheaper then a hotel. We were staying in a three bedroom apartment when we were in Edinburgh and we even payed less then if we were in hostel. There’s some special pages where you can find apartments, but I suggest that when you find the name of apartment you like, you try looking for their own internet page, because it would be cheaper that way. If you’re traveling alone or with only one person, you can still rent a studio apartment. We were in a studio apartment when we visited Paris and it felt like we are also part of that beautiful city. And the best thing about apartments are that they have kitchen and you have cook for yourself if you’re low on budget.

4. When you’re planing to travel somewhere, visit some online message boards or forums that are popular in your country. You will definitely find a topic about country or city where you’re going, and you can find very useful informations there. I do that before all my trips and I can find out everything that way – about food, place to stay, public transportation…

5. There’s one more way, where you don’t have to pay anything. It’s called “couchsurfing”. I did that in Vienna and it was a great experience. But more about that in my next post!

Where do you like to stay when you’re traveling somewhere? Have you ever heard about couchsurfing?

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  1. When I travel (I mostly travel with family) we have always stayed in a hotel… when we travel to Madeira (which we do every year) we live in an apartment at a resort 🙂
    I love the apartment that we have over there.. my mum and dad bought it a few years ago 🙂

    You have a lovely blog btw 🙂

  2. All I can say when I ehre my parents talk about hsotels and how they are now there is a difference of a few stars there.I think like this.If you are on holiday to explore, travel around sunbathe whatever why would you pay too much for the bed you sleep in.If the room is clean tehre si working shower..all I need.good post:)

  3. Meni licno nije bitno gdje cu prespavati, samo da imam osnovno. Ionako ne dolazim zbog hotela…cijeli dan sam vani istrazujuci duh nekog novog grada, njegovu okolinu, osobenosti stanovnika, umjetnost, arhitekturu.
    Nikada nisam shvatala ljude koji pisu citava pisma zalbi o nekom hotelu na osnovu prozora koji nije okrenut prema njihovoj zelji ili na osnovu losih peskira/rucnika???

  4. We look for "motels" rather than "hotels" when we travel. We have a few favorites if we are going the same route on the road. We've discovered that the less fancy the motel lobby, the less expensive the rooms. We are only looking for clean sheets and a hot shower ~ we don't need anything fancy. However, we always find something that's away from the highway as we don't sleep well with road noise. Great post!

  5. Potpuno je nebitno gde spavam, sto se mene tice moze i vreca za spavanje, klupa…zeljna sam da vidim sveta….ni hrana mi nije bitna, ma nista…samo da mogu da puuuutuuuujem!

  6. I'm liking these posts. Even though there are some differences between the countries I'm finding I can really relate here and there.

    In the U.S. I know most of the rent for apartments is monthly based which is longer than we stay in any area, but if we're staying for a week or week and a half we have rented houses to stay in which is cheaper than a hotel. A lot of people post their vacation homes online for rent so it's a great alternative.

  7. @fashionmagnolia, slažem se, imaš dojam ko da si dio tog grada u kojem si 🙂
    @shortylegsbeauty, I envy you for having an apartment there!!
    @Jasna, slažem se. To je samo mjesto gdje ćeš spavati i otuširati se, nećeš provesti cijeli dan u hotelu.
    @Three-cookies, I wish!! 🙂 But that would be little too much.. Who knows, maybe one day 🙂
    @aleks, tako je i meni.. samo da puuutujem 🙂
    @nail crazy, dok si mlađi to je super, upoznaš puno zanimljivih ljudi 🙂
    @Medena hvala tiiii 🙂 Jeej 🙂
    @The "E" girl, yes, I think that my advices are mostly for Europe, because it's little bit different in U.S.

  8. Ja se priklanjam malim hotelčićima, taj smještaj mi nekako najviše odgovara. Ranije sam dosta službeno putovala i odsjedala u velikim i luksuznim hotelima, lijepo je, ali ništa više od toga. Mali, skromni i jeftiniji hoteli imaju neku dušu i time nadomještaju skromnost. A ako idem u istraživanje novog kraja ili grada onda sam vani, a smještaj je bitan da se pristojno prespava i mislim da na to ne treba trošiti više nego što se mora.

  9. og first time hearing couch surfing but sounds interesting and gret advice! and i agree with hostels, but since i havent stayed in one before, I wouldn't want to stay in one by myself for the first time.

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