alternative ways to unplug

3 Alternative Ways To Unplug

Technology is a very important part of our lives these days, and we all have to deal with it and learn how to use it properly. What does that mean? We need to moderate when and how we use our computer, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Sometimes it’s really hard to achieve the balance, so what you can do is: learn how to unplug. These days there are lots of simple ways to unplug and here are some unusual but effective ones.

alternative ways to unplug

1. Floating

I’ve heard about this first from Resthouse Float Centre Melbourne. They are an alternate medical service and their product is an enclosed spa, heated to skin temperature, and filled with 500kg of epsom salt to 500 litres of water. The tank is sound proof and light proof, and by floating inside the tank, it helps immensely to become aware of your thoughts, to the point where you begin to accept to think about nothing at all. The experience then transforms into one almost identical to deep meditation, which has a lot of mental health benefits, especially for stress and anxiety. There is also physical benefits, such as significant increases of magnesium in the bloodstream from the epsom salt in the water, this helps assist the bodies muscles to relax and repair faster.

2. Coloring books

Checking emails and social media on your way to work may seem like the great time management, but the fact is: all that is making you unfocused. Instead of that, carry a coloring book with you. It’s a great way to unplug and get rid of work stress.

3. Knitting

Did you know that knitting can induce a meditative state? Knitting will relax you and clear your mind immediately. Health benefits of knitting are numerous, so don’t wait for even a minute – go knitting.

What are your favorite ways to unplug?

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