4 Tips to making your home accessible for disabled homebuyers

Purchasing a home can be an exciting endeavor and a dream that many have. If you are disabled however, it can be particularly challenging to find the home of your dreams. Many homes are not fit for a person with disabilities which can make finding the right home even more challenging. This article will provide some great tips as to how to sell your home to an interested home buyer who also happens to be disabled.


  1. Clean up and rid the home of clutter. While you should clean up your house anyhow before you have an open house or put your home up for sale, it is especially important for those potential buyers who may have mobility challenges. There is nothing worse than attempting to see a great potential new home and falling on toys or other clutter while on the home tour. Remove the items and make sure that there is a clear path around your home for potential buyers to enjoy.


  1. Provide ideas on how to make the home more mobile friendly. Perhaps there is a bathroom that has a narrow door frame that may need to be widened to accommodate a person in a wheelchair. This is not an unreasonable request from a potential buyer. There may also be requests that you build a ramp on to the front of your home for easier access. The potential buyer could make many requests that would help make the home more accommodating but you can also make suggestions and provide thoughts on how to renovate the space so that it is good for the buyer and cost effective for you as the seller. It is best to work together with your real estate agents to come up with a solution that will benefit both parties.


  1. Understand the laws. It is important that you understand that any person with a disability is protected from discrimination and should be provided equality opportunity to the access of buying a home. While you may not want to sell your home to a person who has mobility issues as it could cost you money in renovating the space before the close of the sale, this can be illegal and detrimental to you. Be sure that you clearly understand the laws pertaining to ADA and abide by them to avoid any trouble.


  1. Treat them the same way you would treat a person without disabilities. Be kind and courteous and congratulate the new buyer on their new home. If you would purchase a small gift or token of appreciation for a person who is not challenged by mobility, be sure to do the same for your buyer. Treating the disabled person the same way that you would a person without challenges is the best course of action.


If you are a homebuyer and are in a wheelchair, it may be wise to consider investing in a mobility scooter as they can help you get around much easier than a bulky wheelchair. Be sure to check out mobility scooters online for the latest offerings.

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