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5 Beautiful Balcony Decorating Design Ideas

Having a balcony in your apartment is wonderful. You can drink coffee there, read a good book, watch a sunrise (if you wake up early enough) or a sunset.. Well, in one word, having a balcony is AMAZING. Here are my top picks for decorating your balcony.

1. Romantic Balcony Getaway

My first thought when I think about balcony furniture is ‘comfort’. Usually, balcony furniture isn’t really comfortable, don’t you agree? But, this one just looks amazing.. I can imagine myself here with glass of wine, just wondering about life, maybe reading some good classic book..

2. Cute Small Balcony

You have a small balcony? No worries, small balconies can also look pretty and functional. Look at this one. I love these simple flower pots!

3. Balcony Oasis

 Via: Pinterest
Look at this perfect balcony oasis. This little wooden bike with flowers is just super sweet and everything together looks great. I would love to have a balcony like this one!

4. Simple Repurposed Balcony

Did you ever think that old repurposed items can look this good? Well, let this balcony be your inspiration – it’s beautiful with all the simple details!

5. Colorful Flowery Balcony

This one is the winner! This colorful combination just looks amazing together. Can you imagine yourself drinking tea with your girlfriends here? It’s perfect!
What kind of balcony would you like to have?


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