50 Things You Should Not Waste Your Time On

50 Things You Should NOT Do

50 Things You Should Not Waste Your Time On

1. Don’t Be Consumed By Your Negative Thoughts.

We give meaning to everything that happens around us, if you’re feeling helpless, you’re probably telling yourself a wrong story. Stop it! Define yourself, and ACT, to rewrite your story.

2. Do Not Compare.

The comparison is just unfair, we’re evaluating our worst based on others’ best without seeing the full picture.

3. Do Not Burn Bridges.

I know I know, we always have that bad boss or stupid “friend” whose you wish you would punch them on their perfect teeth (steal line from Tony Stark). But don’t do that, never make enemies. You don’t need to hurt anyone physically, mentally or verbally. If you believe you’re better (which most of us do), leave them alone and move on.

3. Do Not Ask Before You Give.

Don’t be a jerk to keep asking for something before you provide value at the first place. If you focus on giving at first, you don’t even need to ask. Human psychology tuned us to reciprocate. People will find ways to pay you back when you need it the most.

4. Do Not Waste Time.

Same as our body, you can never gain back your time once it’s wasted. Spend every free minute you have with benefit. Read a book. Listen to podcast. Think. Dream. Act.

5. Do Not Live in The Past Or The Future.

Never let your past hold you back, the are gone, you can’t change anything in the past. And don’t worry about the future, or living in the future with the mindset of “I’ll be happy when I get that”, you won’t. Instead, focus on making every present moment counts.

6. Do Not Be The Only One Speaking.

You learn nothing if you’re the only one who speak. Spend time to listen, gain insights and knowledge from others. That’s how we learn.

7. Do Not Blame Others For Your Results.

Take the responsibility for your life. Never point your finger at someone or something else and telling you failed because of this, that, him or her! Cowards do that and that ain’t you! You’re better than that! (Steal line from Rocky Balboa)

8. Do Not Ignore Your Emotions.

We make every decision based on our emotions, even how much you want to believe you make decisions based on your rational thoughts. The truth is, you don’t. Spend time to understand them, define their meanings. Use your vocabulary wisely to alter the intensity of your emotions (reduce negative ones and amplify positive ones) and learn to manage them.

9. Do Not Judge People.

We have too little information to understand someone else’s situation. This makes no sense to judge others based on what we see or hear. Besides, it’s close to impossible to understand one’s perspective to make a sound judgment. Even you do, don’t, mind your own business instead.

10. Do Not Live In a Hurry.

You only live once. Enjoy it. Period.

11. Do Not Discuss People. Discuss ideas instead.

12. Do Not Be Jealous.

Firstly, it is mean. Secondly, it makes you look miserable. Thirdly, this feeling has never made anybody happier, luckier or more successful.

13. Do Not Overwork.

Hard work has nothing to do with productivity. Work smarter instead of working harder.

14. Do Not Be rude.

Rudeness never shows your power but rather makes you look ridiculous and silly. Impress people with your politeness and let them respect you for that.

15. Do Not Be Impulsive.

Every time you disagree with something do not make hasty conclusions or decisions. Give it a chance and let it settle down in your mind for a while. Soon you can notice how your opinion regarding that issue has changed.

16. Do Not Doubt Yourself Too Much.

Embrace the truth. You are braver than you believe, smarter than you think and stronger than you seem. Go and get it!

17. Do Not Be Afraid To Act.

Fear is a reason that paralyzes people and stops them from taking action. Overcome your fears and start acting confidently.

18. Do Not Spend Hours Surfing On Social Networks.

Social networks are a great source of communication, interesting stories and funny pictures. But make sure you are not killing time from dawn till dusk there.

19. Do Not Lose Details.

While being focused on big picture, do not forget about tiny details. They do really matter.

20. Do Not Lose Eye Contact.

Look another person in the eyes while having a dialogue. It will let your partner be sure that you are listening carefully and you are totally involved.

21. Do Not Sacrifice Your Sleep.

Go to bed on time and have a good night`s rest. Good sleep is crucial for your creativity and long-term productivity.

22. Do Not Lose Ideas.

Always have a notepad with you. Every time you have an idea that pops up in your mind, take a minute to write it down or sketch it. Do not suppose that you will recall it later. They usually vanish.

23. Do Not Hang Out With Pessimistic People.

There are already a lot of bad and ugly things in this beautiful world that every once in a while make you upset.

24. Do Not Forget To Exercise Regularly.

Good, exhausting, intense workouts. This is what lets you stay in a good shape, abstract from the daily routine and devote time to yourself.

25. Do Not Postpone Anything.

Especially the things that matter. The sooner you start moving toward your dreams the sooner you will enjoy the results of this journey.

26. Do Not Stop Studying.

Knowledge is crucial. If you do not want to be left behind, you need to constantly improve your knowledge and acquire new skills.

27. Do Not Stop Smiling.

Do it sincerely. Let your smile change the world.

28. Do Not Be Too Realistic.

Leave some place for miracles. Believe in impossible and give weird ideas a chance.

29. Do Not Take People For Granted.

Every single person in your life is worth appreciating.

30. Do Not Leave Any Reasons For Regret.

Take action now in order not to regret about missed opportunities in the future.

31. Do Not Avoid Changes.

Changes usually involve new opportunities, growth and development. Welcome them and let changes make your life more interesting and diverse.

32. Do Not Give Up Chasing Your Dreams.

Commit to your dreams and make them come true.

33. Do Not Let Others Make Your Decisions.

It’s your life, you should be the driver and writer of your own destiny. When you allow others to take decisions for you, you choose a life that others want you to live. Moreover, if you screw up things later, you can not blame them. Trust your own decisions.

34. Do Not Stop Loving Yourself.

If you don’t love yourself then how can you expect others to love you.

35. Do Not Doubt In Yourself.

Don’t ever tell yourself that “you can not”. If you have a dream that you want to live, always have faith in it. Believe that you can! Never underestimate yourself or make yourself think that it’s too big for a person like you or it’s meant for superior souls. Your actions make you superior.

36. Do Not Take Your Health Lightly.

“Health is wealth.” This might be just a saying for some people but ask them who have lost great opportunities because their health didn’t permit them to continue. Health should always be a priority. Eat healthy, live healthy and take good care of yourself.

37. Do Not Let Other People Change You.

Don’t be surrounded with people who always try to change the REAL YOU. Changes are important but not every single advice on changing a thing about you needs to be considered. People will disagree with you, dislike something about you or judge you. Don’t worry! You’re not here to please anyone. Be the real you! Have an identity, know what you stand for and stick to it.

38. Do Not Impose Yourself On Anyone.

You’re undervaluing yourself by being there where you’re not needed. Be with them who like your company, your ideology and who like you as a person. Be with them who really need you. Don’t force others to accept you.

39. Do Not Miss A Chance Of Helping Someone.

When you help someone selflessly, you do a good thing. The feeling that you get by doing something good fills you with contentment and positivity. So if you can help someone in need, don’t give it a second thought, just do it. Trust me, it feels great.

40. Do Not Make Decisions Blindly, without considering available data.

41. Do Not Allow Others To Dictate Your Time.

Time isn’t just money. It’s also the only thing that can’t be bought with money or influence.

42. Do Not Delay.

43. Do Not Try To Do Everything By Yourself.

Uber-successful people are always delegating things better and more easily done by others. They do what they do better than anyone else themselves and leave everything else to others.

44. Do Not Think Anyone Owes You Anything.

Entitlement is a success-killer.

45. Do Not Expect Others To Read Your Mind.

46. Do Not Rely Only On Memory.

Excellent and thorough organization and record-keeping (including keeping a notebook) is a trademark of successful people, even those famous for “shooting from their hip.”

47. Do Not Be A One-Trick Pony.

Don’t rely on your greatest hits to continue forever. Successful people are constantly planting new seeds, investing their time and money in new ideas and ventures, knowing that even if most of them fail, even one or two successes could prove to be a game-changer source of revenue, knowledge, fame, etc.

48. Do Not Spend What You Don’t Have.

If you didn’t earn it yet, don’t spend your money by giving in to momentary desires of what you think you need. Chances are, the moment will pass but your bills will remain (and increase with interest). Be smart about money by keeping a log of your monthly expenses and then estimating how much you have left over after you’ve paid your bills, food, and other expenses. Then set aside a certain percentage of your paycheck to be automatically routed into a savings account. Even if it’s a small amount, it will add up over time without you even noticing.

49. Do Not Go The Safe Route.

Most people choose the safe path instead of the one they want to walk, and you can see where those people end up.

50. Do not be afraid to fail.

Failure is part of the process, at the end you can fail a million times as long as you succeed ones.

Found this on Quora and had to share with my readers. Awesome life lessons!

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