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7 Coolest Secret Doors You Will Want in Your Home

One of my biggest childhood wishes was to have a secret passageway in my house. I had a big imagination and having a little place just for my secrets would be amazing. Well, unfortunately, I never had that, but at least I can enjoy some awesome photos. I will show you some cool ideas for secret doors and hidden passageways that you will absolutely love. 

7 Coolest Secret Doors You Will Want in Your Home


1. Wall of Bookshelves 



Classic example of secret door is a wall of bookshelves. It’s very subtle way to connect two rooms in your home without noticeable doors. Great idea, don’t you agree?

2.  Big Movie Poster


In case you’re not a book lover, old big movie poster can also be used for this. Framed poster is really unexpected to be passageway. I love this!

3. Mirrors Mirrors Mirrors

Using mirrors to camouflage doors to another room is a great way to make the space appear wider. Such a wonderful idea.

4. Something Just For Kids



Kids love something that is just for them and this small secret passageway will be a source of many joys. I know my daughter would love to have something like this.

5.Gothic Doors

Dark but awesome, don’t you agree? Perfect secret doors for your bedroom!

6. Wallpapers


The simplest way possible to have a secret door in your home! In this case it’s a closet, but I am sure her kids use this place as a favorite hiding sport.

7. Hidden Stone Doors


You have to admit that this is the coolest hidden door you have ever seen! It looks like part of some old castle. Amazing! I am wondering what is hiding behind it? Maybe a princess…

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