9 Best Decor Ideas For Kids Room

9 Best Decor Ideas For Kids Room

Every parent wants his kid to have a nice decorated and a functional room. Their room is supposed to be a reflection of the child’s personality, age and interests. Here are few cool ideas for decorating!

9 Best Decor Ideas For Kids Room

1. Magnetic Paint 

This is an amazing idea for kids bedroom! They can play with magnets all day long or you can write them some important message there.. Very creative! 

2. Travelers Table

The most awesome table ever, don’t you agree? Perfect for your future world traveler!

3. Dinosaur wall decals

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Almost every kid loves dinosaur stories. Especially boys! Just a few dinosaur silhouettes on the wall will make your kid love his room!

4. A room just for her

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Your little girl is going to feel like she is the center of the world while lying on the bed with a giant sign that shows everyone this is her own room!


5. Cherry blossom tree with butterflies

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You can use vinyl wall decals, or you can do the painting yourself. Your kid can give you a hand. Great way to bond and boost your kid’s imagination and creativity.


6. Moon and stars on the wall


Various different designs are available, but i especially like the ones that glow in the dark! Those are simply beautiful!


7. Books grow on trees?


Bookshelves in the past were boring, but not anymore! This is a great idea for storing your kid’s books, and, at the same time, it is a cool decorating piece of furniture!

8. I am the center of the universe!

via: Murals Pro 

Solar system on the ceiling and the walls, surrounding the bed will make your kid feel like the center of the world!

9. Space to socialize

They will use the upper space for sleeping, lower space for socializing. Your pre-teen or teen is going to love this!

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