traveling abroad with your car

A Guide to Traveling Abroad With Your Car

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I love traveling abroad and do it often. What makes the trip more exciting and enjoyable for me is doing these travels by car because it lets me see the sites at my own pace. I pick and choose where I want to go but I’m always mindful of the rules of the road and etiquette I must follow. For instance,  as I learned from the Traveller’s Guide to Driving Etiquette in India cows are sacred and you can get seven years in prison for running one over. This is an interactive map for tourists, where you can click on a country to find out the laws (and unwritten laws) of driving there.


A Guide to Traveling Abroad With Your Car

traveling abroad with your car

Car Insurance

Most drivers assume they are automatically covered when driving in another country. In most cases you are only covered for basic Road Traffic Accident (RTA) insurance which means that anything else like vehicle theft won’t be included.  Other countries will require a green card for you to be able to drive in their jurisdiction so it’s important to do some research and make sure you have the proper documents.


Observing Driving Laws

There are some fundamental laws when travelling abroad that are pretty much the same across the board like don’t drink and drive and follow posted speed limits but there are also some other lesser known laws. For instance, in Spain there are some cities that designate which side of the road you can park on. Sometimes on certain days of the week you can only park on the side with houses that have even numbers.


Traffic Jams and Route Planning

We don’t like being stuck in traffic and home so why would we want to be stuck in them abroad? Careful planning is essential so you want to be mindful of the time of day and location in which you are travelling. Listen to traffic reports and do some research to make sure you don’t get caught in the middle of rush hour with no escape. There are a lot of route planners out there that are not just for finding jams in the road but also giving you an idea on the best routes to take so you can have an more enjoyable trip.

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