visiting Split

Another Day In Paradise: Split, Croatia

I won’t bother you with things that happened to me while I was gone. I will just continue where I stopped few months ago! I started talking to you about all the beautiful places in Croatia, so I will continue with that today. This time I will share with you little bits of Split, the city where I live.
visiting Split

Another Day In Paradise: Split, Croatia

Split is located on the Adriatic Sea and it’s a typical Mediterranean city. With around 180,000 citizens, it is the second largest city in Croatia. Split is really popular because it has many beautiful beaches and very famous Diocletian’s Palace. Have you heard about it?

Grgur u Splitu

On the picture above you can see Statue of bishop Gregory of Nin. Story goes that if you rub his toe and make a wish – your wish will come true! To find out if that’s really true, you will have to come to Split and try it yourself! I know all my wishes came true…

This is the front of the Cathedral of Saint Domnius and this bell tower is the city’s main symbol. Saint Domnius (he is called Saint Duje here) is patron saint of Split, and if you come to Split during Day of Saint Duje, you will be thrilled because of all fun activities happening on that day – for example, famous game of tombola, where you can even earn some money if you’re lucky enough! I wasn’t lucky so far, but I am not giving up.

I don’t think I have to talk about this wonderful city anymore so I will let the pictures wow you. They are not perfect because I am not such a great photographer, but I hope you will like it enough to book your next holiday in Split or at least somewhere else in Croatia! πŸ™‚





Pazar Split


Enjoy and come visit us! πŸ™‚


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