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Become The People Celebrity You’ve Always Wanted To Be


We’re all humans. We all need attention. We all crave attention.

And yet, many of you reading this didn’t get enough in your younger days. Whether that be a low friend count, parents too busy to talk to you, or just having a boring posy in general…

Whatever that problem may be, in the end, you want to hang out with genuine people, with people who make you feel like a people celebrity.

You’re human. You deserve the appreciation after all.

celebrity app

But you’re not going to get what you need on a “regular” social media website.

You might start to hate the people surrounding you, turn introverted, and start talking to people on a social media site. And sure, you might find a nice person or two, but you still won’t find what you crave.

Again, people on an average social media website are really boring. Seriously, who cares that “Amanda had cucumber soup for lunch today?”

There’s no quality, no content, and no meaning in interactions. You get status updates, likes, promote me stunts and butt-kissing comments. Where’s the social passion in that?

You need a cool website that lets you be yourself, without boring you, or making you pussyfoot.


Introducing the internet’s most authentic social media site.

There’s a website called youonthefloor.com that provides the complete opposite of junk like Facebook and Twitter. Over there, you can introduce yourself, and get others to introduce themselves too!

That website is all about being upfront. It’s about putting yourself out there.

You introduce yourself through videos and pictures. And not only that, you also have to answer interview questions from others about who you are, and what you do. You get to be interviewed, just like a celebrity!

I doubt you’ll find many people on that website who talk about useless topics. Why would you put yourself on camera after all, if you’re going to blurt out BS?


Anyone can use it too, even businesses!

Most people tend to look over the fact that, businesses use social networking too. They use it for presence, and to take advantage of the close communication with the consumer that it offers.

That close communication means that businesses will want authenticity when interacting with their clients. Guess where they’re more likely to find that?

I’m 100% sure they won’t find it on Facebook, but you’re sure to find it on youonthefloor.com

Not only that, if you’re a business, you’re already a celebrity in the eyes of some. So why not expand that, and become a celebrity in the eyes of many?

You can make videos of yourself talking about your business. You can get personal, and discuss mission, passion, struggles to start up, and a whole host of other things.

You can literally create a CULT around your business through such platforms!


So what are you waiting for?

Why not start now? Simply head to the website, check out the FAQ’s and instructions related to the activities available, and get started making proper companions!

You lose nothing, and gain the best times of your life!

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