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Benefits of Ride-On Toys for Kids

Ride-on toys are inherently fun to play with. Whether it is a scooter, a bicycle, a big wheelie, or even an electric car, among others, there’s simply no comparing the joys of being able to move about without having to walk or run. It is not only fun, however, as it can also be beneficial in a number of ways. Here are some of the most often cited benefits for ride-on toys for kids.

ride on bike

  • Promotes physical activity. 

One of the major benefits of ride-on toys is that these promote physical activity and exercise. At a time when childhood obesity is creating a stir in the healthcare industry, giving kids ride-on toys, especially those that do not run on batteries or fuel, can help in this regard. For instance, riding a kick scooter will require kids to push or kick with one foot while the other maintains balance on the deck. Bicycles, tricycles, and even big wheelies also operate on the same principle requiring leg power to propel the ride-on toy forward. These will definitely provide the much-needed physical activity of children so they don’t necessarily have to lead sedentary lives.

  • Enhances motor skills. 

Riding on any of these kiddie vehicles require an excellent command of muscle contractions and motor movements. Holding onto the handle bars, gripping the handbrakes, pedaling, and even pushing on the ground to get things going require fully developed large muscle groups. Activating or flipping switches and pressing buttons require a good sense of fine motor control. These may look oddly ordinary enough but these are nonetheless, essential in overall child development.

  • Boost spatial awareness. 

When riding on these kinds of playthings, kids will have to be especially aware of their position relative to the space where they are operating or playing. For instance, if they are riding in a go kart for kids, they must have an idea of the position of the scooter at any given point in time in relation to the other objects or people at the park. This is what is called spatial awareness and it is a very important element of spatial intelligence. This helps in improving their observational skills and plays an important role in the development of their exploratory abilities.

  • Develops sense of balance. 

There are certain ride-on toys that require absolute sense of balance such as scooters, bicycles, hoverboards, and skateboards, among other things. Learning how to balance requires a fully functioning vestibular system which is combined with sensory integration from visual stimulus and the impulses coming from stretch receptors. These different elements must work harmoniously together to achieve balance. Any flaw in one of these systems can lead to potentially serious injuries.

  • Encourages exploration. 

The great thing about having a ride is you get to go places which would otherwise be inaccessible. Riding on one of these toys allows children to explore their surroundings. Exploration is needed to help children form more meaningful ideas about the world in which they live in. They can then use this knowledge to form other concepts which can be used in dramatic plays or even role play activities.

  • Encourages independent play. 

Most ride-on toys are best played independently by kids. Although they can play with their friends in a group play setup, most of these gadgets require a kid to be fully independent in running and controlling the kiddie vehicle. He or she will have to rely on himself or herself to fully enjoy the benefits of these ride-on toys.

Scooters, skateboards, inline skates, and bicycles as well as other ride-on toys provide a host of benefits to kids. It simply makes sense to get one for your child today.

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