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Best small business ideas for women in 2017

Women have shown efficiency in their work and this has leaded them to some of the most promising posts. Albeit the existing pressure from the male dominated society, women are certainly outshining the opposite gender. If you’re one among those women that do not like sitting idle and want to prove your business skills, here are some interesting small business ideas for 2017 that can fetch you some serious money.

Best small business ideas for women in 2017

  1. Event Planning:

Experience Required?Preferably around 3-4 years depending on the event category.

Creativity Level:High

Income: You’re going to love it

Event planners are responsible for working in close proximity with their client in order to organize planned events. These events can be of any kind and it might require a no-brainer creativity level to a complete drain down of your creativity. That said, it will also require you to rely a lot on man power. The benefits of this can fetch you enough money to take that dream vacay to Cancun or Paris.

  1. Tutoring:

Experience Required: Depending on what you teach, a tad amount of knowledge should get you through.

Creativity Level: Moderate to Low

Income:Empowering young minds and making some money too, there’s money alright!

Becoming a tutor is a great idea. Now, tutor is quite a vast term that shouldn’t be thrown casually. You can tutor anything from Maths to philosophy (Not necessarily in that order :P) But the perks are certainly there and it should bring you good monetary benefits.

  1. Craft fair vending:

Experience Required: A little, yes.

Creativity Level: It’s all about creativity here.

Income: The sky is perhaps the limit here.

Craft is one of the most booming business and people are ready to pay plenty of money for creativity. Craft isn’t just about fancy papers, glue and scissors. If you can make anything ranging from Clothes to Candies and everything in between, this is a great opportunity. You will require a space to firstly create a fair amount of samples to display at various craft fairs happening at various places.


Experience Required: Most certainly (perhaps a course in culinary arts and baking to enhance your skills)

Creativity Level:If it’s in your mind, you can work wonders.

Income:If your products sell like hot cakes off the shelf.

One of the most exciting and profitable businesses is baking. Most women like baking and there’s a certain art involved when it comes to baking. The money is there but it’s more about the presentation and work involved.

  1. Makeup Artist/stylist:

Experience required: An experienced person’s work will definitely show.

Creativity required: It’s all about presentation and that means creativity is vital.

Income: Based on your work, you can surely make wonders happen.

Make up artists as well as stylists require certain certifications in order to hold knowledge and credibility. It’s a good idea to start off a business of a business of styling and it is sure to pay of quite well.

Bottom Line:

Being a woman and starting off a business of your own is certainly a good thing. Now that you’ve thought of leaping into the world of business, rely on your instincts, work with full dedication and see wonders happen.

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