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How to be Blood and Organ donor

Ok, it’s time to stop with traveling tips for some time. I can’t resist checking good plane tickets offers after writing all that and it’s really not good time for me to travel, so lets talk little bit about some other stuff.

This time I want to say few words about blood and organ donors.
I can proudly say that I donate blood 4 times and I am owner of a donor card too.

1. You would like to donate blood but don’t know how? Just check online pages of Red Cross in your country and you will find all the informations there. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt at all and it’s over in less then 20 minutes! You wont be paid for that, but that great feeling that you get after donating blood will be worth it!! You will feel great knowing that you helped saving someones life!

2. If you want to donate blood you have to eat something before going to the hospital! Going on a empty stomach is the worst thing you can do. I know that because I did that when I first donate blood and I fainted on my way back home. So – EAT BREAKFAST!

3. I have a organ donor card so if something ever happens to me, they can use my organs to save someones life. I also talked with my husband about that and informed him that that is my wish. There’s not much people who do that, so if you would like to donate your organs if something ever happens to you, be sure to tell someone that, or get a donor card or something like that. I know it’s not easy to think about that, but we can never know what life will bring us, so some things we have to do.

Have you ever donated blood? What do you think about donating organs after death? 
I really want to know your opinion!

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  1. I am a blood and organ donor. I have to say that I don't donate blood on a regular basis, but time to time (usually when 0+ is in demand). In Australia, all organ donors are 'registered' on their drivers licence, but final word always have family (they ask for permission, even if I have stated for my organs to be used in case of my death).
    However, I don't 'judge' people who don't want to donate blood or organs; Not all people are 'built' the same…some can't get around the idea that death will come one day, other don't do this for religious reason…

  2. I once passed out at a donor centre … and I wasn't even the one giving blood! How embarrassing 🙁

    I'm not great with needles or blood … but one day I'll overcome my fear and actually do it. I'm sure my family would donate my organs whether I want too or not so I haven't thought that much about it.

  3. I am not a blood donor as I am not permitted to do so. I am not sure if this applies to donating organs too, however I have made my views widely known that I am happy to do one of the finest things you can for humankind, that is donate your organs. I can't understand why people will not donate their organs. Australia should have an opt out system for the selfish, not an opt in one.

  4. I honestly don't know my blood type. I tried asking when I had my last checkup with the doctor because they took blood for testing, and the doctor told me he couldn't disclose the information to me which I thought really absurd. I'm your patient and if I'm asking/consenting in person to know my medical history/information than why the bleep not.

    My step father is donating plasma, but I've never donated blood. I do know that when I got my drivers license originally ages ago I signed up to donate organs. My mom was not happy about it citing it would mean they'd just harvest me when I die. My response – if there is something that I no longer need and can save someone's life what right have I to keep it. I mean if I'm dead what's the point – I'm going to move on and it's not worth someone else dying needlessly.

    You asked my age – nothing's wrong with that except I haven't really wanted to put it online other than to say I'm early 30's. Slowly getting up there…LOL

  5. You're such a sweet person!! I've never given blood because I'm not sure if they'd accept it or not, because I take medication, and have ever since I was four years old, so my blood isn't exactly pure. But on my liscense I am an organ and blood donor! 🙂

  6. I am an organ donor, and I wish I could donate blood. I've tried, but I almost pass out every single time. It happens when I have blood drawn for blood tests too. It's a bummer!

    But I bake cookies for the blood drive whenever I can…that sort of counts, right?

  7. Hi Isoella – it's a very sensitive topic you brought up, but I know my older sister made the decision on her own to sign an organ donor card. She brought it up to me years ago when I was much younger to let me know that it might be something I'd like to consider. I do commend people for signing a donor card – there is no doubt about that. But I respect people's wishes who don't feel comfortable signing that card (yet, or at all) like myself….it's tough to think about now like you said.
    As for donating blood, omigosh I wish I could. I use to cry so much when they even took my blood for my yearly physicals. I cannot do it. Even a nurse once said to me that I shouldn't consider it because I was quite hysterical before – I'm a bit better now….but that's because instead of fasting 12 hours I fast for longer so that I'm soooo tired that the fear is mostly drained out of me by the time I get to the doctors to give my blood samples.

  8. i tried to give blood in high school and they told me my veins were too small. but since then i haven't been done it. but i should.

    my dad is getting a donated kidney soon so i have to say i have a new appreciation for donors.

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