month without candies

Second Month Without Candies

Day #37

Another challenge for me today.
My mother in law asked me to try some kind of honey pie. It looked delicious and tasty and while my husband was enjoying in that piece of sweet heaven, I politely said “NO”.
Trust me, that was not easy!
So, once again, good job, Marina!

Day #40

I have to admit that it’s getting more and more easier.
When my husband eats chocolate, I have a sandwich. When he makes some tasty cake, I make myself eggs. When he eats pudding, I drink yogurt or milk.
So, it’s ok.. I am doing well.
I am still waiting with some other changes, but that will come too. I don’t like to wait, but something big is happening in my life, so lets see how will that end.
Then I will have plenty time to be person I always wanted to be. Or the person I in fact already am.

Day #43

Last night I had a terrible dream! 
I was eating chocolate!!
What a nightmare…

Day #44
I have to admit that I often think how crazy or stupid I am because of this challenge. One year is a long time and I will be so sad and disappointed if I don’t succeed. But ok, lets go one step at a time.
I didn’t eat candies and cakes for 44 days. I didn’t eat any snack food for 44 days.
So, I will say I am doing fine so far.
I even survived PMS, that has to count for something, don’t you agree?
Day #55
I still have lots of work around the apartment after coming back from London, so I don’t have much time for writing, but I have to tell you something funny that happened in London.
We were walking around Soho and my husband saw an ice cream shop and immediately went inside. Prices were crazy – 3 pounds for small ice cream, 4 pounds for medium and 5 for big one. I wanted to tell him that he is crazy and that we will find another shop with normal prices. And he just did some gesture like saying “Hush”, and he bought small ice cream.
When he came out I asked him does he know how much he paid for small ice cream. And THEN he realized how much he paid for a small ice cream. He was so crazy about ice cream that he didn’t realized how much money is that..
Well, lucky for me I don’t eat ice cream, otherwise there would be two of us eating 3 GBP ice cream 🙂


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