days without candies

Days #6-#11 Without Candies

Day #6

I wanted to die today because of Jillian Michaels.

Every muscle of my body is in pain. I didn’t even know I have some muscles that are hurting me now.
Who is Jillian Michaels, you wonder?
She is my new online personal workout trainer, and she is totally crazy! She really pushes you to the edge.
But, I have to admit, I feel much better with “little” exercise every day.
Now all I have to do is stick to Jillian Michaels!
Once again: GO,MARINA,GO!

Jillian Michaels
Day #9

I am so brave.

My husband is a birthday boy (man) today!
So, we have cheesecake in our fridge, bunch of chocolates and PRINGLES (I just love them)!
And guess what? I didn’t eat anything.. I just watched him enjoy his candies..

Good for you, Marina!
And, I was thinking about something.. I will be in a great dilemma after I finish my project “365 days without sweets”.
Are you wondering with what kind of dilemma will I be struggling then?
Kinder bueno? Milka chocolate? Pringles? Some delicious cake? Muffins? Mars? Ice cream?

Luckily, I have 356 more days to decide!

 Day #10

I survived PMS without any candies!

Enough said!

PMS without Candies
#Day 11

I think I’m crazy…
I am only on my day 11, and I am already thinking about some other “365 days projects” I would like to do after this.. Not only food projects, another stuff, too..
I can’t help it, I just love those kind of things. I think that when I want to do something different with my life, or change something about me, then I have to give myself a project and then that change will be easier for me to do, if you understand what I mean.
For example, I always wanted to ear more healthier and to cook all kind of food and now it seems to me that I always cook same meals every week. So, my favorite project to be for now is “eat different meal for lunch every day for one year”. But when I told that awesome idea to my husband, he begged me not to do that, so I will still think about that..
Any cool ideas?

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