brownies for breakfast

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I can’t even describe how I love these posts. I found so much nice recipes while browsing through this amazing food blogs. This time I will share with you little pieces of heaven that I found on Amy’s blog. I love her blog and it’s definitely one of my favorite blogs!

You will love it too, just check out this fantastic recipes:

coconut + almond fudge brownies (no baking needed!)just click on the picture and you will see the recipe. 
I know that cakes are not really the most healthy breakfast, but that’s ok if it’s not every day 🙂 Today this, and tomorrow fruits! 

brownies for breakfast

Yes, you can have brownies for breakfast, just not every single day. But on a cheat day – go for it!

pasta with fresh summer tomatoes, basil + parmesan click on the picture to see the recipe
This is something simple and everyone can make it!

Do you like pasta with vegetables? It’s my favorite summer lunch. Simple to make and so tasty – especially when I find some homegrown vegetables.

chocolate buttermilk cupcakes with raspberry cheesecake buttercream Click on the picture to see the recipe

Ok, let’s be honest – this is not something that looks extremely healthy. But they look amazing and we all need to have a cheat meal from time to time.

honey-roasted tomatoes with herbed ricottaclick on the picture to see the recipe

This is perfect summer dinner. Simple to make and tasty.

So, what is your favorite recipe? Check Amy’s blog for some more cooking ideas!

Hope you like my “Enjoy Your Food and Stay Fit Thursdays”!
If you also have a food blog and you would like me to look around your blog and find something nice for my readers, just let me know! I will be glad to find some new cool recipes!

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  1. These are some excellent posts on here. That food looks amazing, especially considering how healthy it apparently is. I'm looking to condition myself and improve my health so seeing stuff like this helps a lot.

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