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Enjoy Your Food and Stay Fit Thursday: Eating different

I imagined Thursdays to be days when I will give you advices about health, weight loss and fitness. I would also like to promote some fabulous food blogs, from where I will recommend you what to try! It wont always be the healthiest food in the world, but it will be different and tasty. And we should all try to eat something different from usual at least one day a week.
Don’t worry, I am not saying that any of you have to lose some weight.. I am doing this because of ME.
It will help me to stay focused on my “eating healthier” goals.

So, tell me, do you have weight problem? Do you want to lose few pounds or to gain some? Or are you satisfied with your weight?
What do you think about diets?

I am very much interested in your opinion!

So, today I want to tell you few words about one of my favorites food blogs. That’s “Bite my cake“. Owner of this blog is lovely Tamara who was supporting me from beginning of my blog life.

So, here’s my suggestions:

You already know that breakfast is most important meal. So, I don’t want to hear that some of you are skipping breakfast!
So, from Tamara’s blog I would recommend:
Bread with sour cherry jam – just click on the picture and you will see the recipe.

sour cherry jam

Stuffed zucchini in tomato sauce – click on the picture to see the recipe

Cherry popsicles –  Isn’t this a perfect summer dessert? Click on the picture to see the recipe

Broccoli & cauliflower cream soup & Swiss chard and cottage cheese packetsclick on the picture to see the recipe

Do you like it? Check Tamara’s blog for some more neat ideas! And one more advice. If you feel hungry during the day and it’s still not time for lunch or dinner, then feel free to eat some fruit or almonds, walnuts..

Hope you will like my “Enjoy Your Food and Stay Fit Thursdays”!

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  1. Tamara's blog is in my top ten list of all the blogs in the world and she is also a featured author for the sight Honest Cooking that you can find a link to on her page. She writes in Croatian and English.

  2. Marina, pozdravljam ovu tvoju ideju, kao što već znaš i puno ti hvala što si odabrala moj blog za uvodno predstavljanje. Veselim se budućim ovakvim postovima i otkrivanju novih blogova i recepata! 🙂

  3. Very cool!! I love zucchini and squash. I'm not a fan of cherries – I don't like their taste, but I often substitute other fruit. I do toast with organic strawberry preserves or peanut butter some mornings. We usually just steam our broccoli and cauliflower. I don't know if I'd get my parents to try the soup sadly. It's hard to get some people to try new foods especially my step father. That's a large hurdle for my mom and I currently.

    We keep trying new things and he is against them simply because he is stuck in his ways. It is so annoying – I get bored easy with the same recipes over and over again. Not to mention the fact that he has high blood pressure and I'm on him 24/7 about the sodium intake he has from all the salad dressings and other condiments he puts on his food that are not healthy. Whereas mom and I are trying to change our habits. I used to not even drink as much water as I do in the last year and a half.

  4. Hi Isollea! Great idea for Thursday posts. I think it's wise for anyone to have healthy goals. I definitely need to be healthier in my eating habits and also in working out consistently. The working out part will be easier for me once I move into my new condo in September since there's a gym there. My main challenge is that I've been travelling every month since late last year so it's been even more tough for me to eat "healthy".
    The recipes sound great – but especially the broccoli and cauliflower soup!

  5. Great idea! 🙂 yes, I would like to change up my eating habits. I think my biggest issue is that some days I eat a lot and others nothing at all.

  6. What a great post. I follow Tamara's blog; she is very talented girl in many areas.
    About weight…
    I do have a bit more weight than I should have.
    For years I've been trying to loose them – then they would come back again. I supose I've learnt to live with a few pounds more now; I know It would be better without them, but I am happy the way I am now.
    I think any diet works as long as you follow it. As soon as you're back to your old habits, the weight piles on again 🙁

  7. I have no probelms with weight.I am suprised myself when I see what I eat and how much..but no junk food in my kitchen..And I do have a lot of natural exercise.Know Tamara and foolow her.Also one of my favourite bloggers;)

  8. i've always had difficulty with diets because i love food so much. i'm good at doing the exercise part but have issues with cutting back food. sometimes i wish i was more motivated. even just to cut portions would be great!

  9. I had lunch an hour ago and my stomach is growling now after going through your post! Thanks for sharing, gotta check out the 'Broccoli & cauliflower cream soup & Swiss chard and cottage cheese packets' recipe!

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