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Enjoy Your Food and Stay Fit Thursday: Tanja’s Cooking Corner

First of all, thank you all for some good advices about driving! I will have to think about that and start driving step by step..
And now…. It’s my favorite day in a week – Thursday. Not only it’s weekend soon, but I also can enjoy some fantastic food blogs. I already have my “to do” list with all amazing meals I found online. I am not sure will I live long enough to try them all.

If you have a food blog and you would like me to look around your blog and find something nice for my readers, just let me know! I will be glad to find some new cool recipes!

Today it’s time for talented Tanja and her “Tanja’s Cooking Corner“. Almost all her recipes have English and German translation, so you can prepare this easily, just by following her instructions!

So, here’s my suggestions from her blog:

Frozen Himbeer Yoghurtjust click on the picture and you will see the recipe.

frozen yoghurt for breakfast
Frozen yogurt with raspberries is a perfect breakfast. And it’s healthy.

Puff pastry with minced meat click on the picture to see the recipe

Are you avoiding puff pastry? I do, but this recipe was so simple and appealing that I had to try it. Really tasty.

Moroccan Orange Melon Summer Salad Click on the picture to see the recipe

Here comes the healthy dessert. Lots of tasty fruit – you will love it.

Carrot cream soupclick on the picture to see the recipe

Light and simple to make – carrot cream soup will soon become your favorite dinner, trust me.

Do you like these recipes? Check Tanja’s blog for some more cooking ideas! I am sure you will love it!

Hope you like my “Enjoy Your Food and Stay Fit Thursdays”!

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  1. OMG!! they all look amazing!!! can't wait to cook them!! thanks also for your sweet comment!! you really need to watch this film, especially if you are a Beatles fan!! xoxo

  2. Juha od mrkve mi je nešto kao nedosanjani san! Nikad probala, nikad kuhala, al kad ju ugledam "povampirim"… Ništa, bit će red sutra konačno obrstit vrt i krenut u akciju!! Pozdrav, Lilly

  3. Thank you so much for featuring some of my recipes and lovely post, Marina! You have definitely chosen some of my favourite dishes, and I trully hope your blogger friends will like them as well…

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Everything sounds delicious. I look forward to trying some of these. I always enjoy the time I spend on your blog. You've created a lovely place for your readers to visit. have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

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