half of month without sweets

Half Of Month Without Sweets

Day #12

Progress: I am doing fine. It’s hard without any candy, but it’s going ok for now. It’s the hardest when I see someone else eating some awesome looking muffin or chocolate with hazelnuts..

Some good news to look forward to: I am going to LONDON in April.. Oh yeah! But, of course, no UK candies for me!

Day #13

My husband is a big candy junkie, so he makes my challenge even harder then it already is. If that’s even possible.
He always has some cravings for chocolate or ice cream, or his latest favorite – cheesecake. And of course, he always eats that in front of me.
But, that only makes me stronger, even though few times I wanted to kiss him just to feel sweet taste of chocolate. Luckily, I am still strong enough!

#Day 14

Well, let me tell you few more informations about my project/challenge/stupid idea.. call it whatever you want 🙂

I don’t eat any candy, cakes, cookies, pancakes, muffins, pudding.. And plus – I also don’t eat some salty food like peanuts, potato chips and that kind of unhealthy stuff.

But, I eat fruit, even though there’s sugar too.. I also drink tea with sugar, but only about once a week.

So, to be clear, my main challenge is not to eat candies like chocolate and stuff, but I eat sugar in some other stuff like apples and other fruits.. Any questions or suggestions?

Day #15


I will spend my summer without ice cream..

I didn’t think about that until today and now I’m freaking out.. I really really really love ice cream.
My challenge just became little bit harder…

#Day 17

My neighbour gave me apple strudel today.
I love apple strudel a lot.
I almost ate it because it smelled so nice and I could imagine how tasty it was. It was so yummi and so perfect.
But, once again – I was stronger.
Good for me..

Damn, I wish this is 30 days without sweets!

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  1. Pratim te i kako dani prolaze i ja sve cesce razmisljam da se odreknem slatkisa na neko vreme… ne na toliko dugo kao ti, ali neka nedelja bez coko napasti bi mi dobro dosla i, verujem, koristila 🙂
    Citamo se jos do tad, ali ako zaboravim, uzivaj u Londonu 🙂

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