end of life without candies

End of Life Without Candies

Day #56

Our friend brought us chocolate from Cuba as a souvenir, because she knows how my husband is crazy about chocolate. So, here’s the talk I had with my husband today:

My husband: That chocolate is so ugly, I will throw it away.
Me: Don’t do that, we will give it to guests, maybe someone would like it.
My husband: No, I don’t want to poison them. You should try it, to see how awful it is.
Me: You’re forgetting that I don’t eat candies.
My husband: Oh, right. But this chocolate is so ugly, so it doesn’t count.

So, according to my husband, I can eat candies if they are not tasty, because they don’t count as candies then. Oh, how I love his logic!

Day #58

I’ve noticed something great today!!
My face never looked better, my skin is perfect, so clean.. My husband even commented that I look like I am wearing make up..
Well, I am not sure if that is because I don’t eat any chocolate and other candies, but I definitely like this new look..

Day #60

I have to admit that I am feeling a big big crisis today. I am craving for big box of Pringles. And when I am thinking that I still have 300 days to go – OMG!!
But, don’t worry, I will survive this crisis.. I am a big big girl!
Even though, my husband is not so helpful, because he bought himself some tasty ice cream! Naughty naughty!

Day #64

It’s my birthday today!
This year I am celebrating it without any kind of cakes or cookies.
Oh boy, I hope this will also be my last birthday without sweets!

Day #66

Only one little cake, but I failed. It seems that Easter was too much for me.

….goodbye, until some other time….

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  1. Ne znam, ali mislim da bi ti bilo bolje da izbaciš čokoladu i slatkiše i iz razmišljanja kao što si iz konzumiranja i preorjentiraš se na nešto drugo, ovako sama sebe mučiš.

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