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I wanted to share few of my favorite things I found around the web these past few weeks. I saw bloggers are doing that very often, and really liked the idea. I found so many cool blogs and interesting websites by reading other bloggers’ ‘link love’.

I hope you will like my ‘around the web’ picks and find something cool for you.

1. BrandRocket

hashtag printing

Have you seen these cool kiosks anywhere? I love taking Instagram photos and always thought how would it be really cool if I was able to print the out easily. And now I can! BrandRocket developed South Africa’s first touch screen automated hashtag printing kiosk. They engineered an innovative brand activation solution to ignite conversations about fashion and retail brands. You can found them in a number of fashion stores such as H&M, Cotton on, TFG fashion group, Spree online fashion, forever 21… It’s very cool how this innovative new social printing product is connecting brands with people and people with brands.

2. SunshineRainclouds

etsy store self care

I love this amazing Etsy shop. It’s all about cultivating positive mental and emotional health. You will find planners, workbooks and much more here. One of my favorite products is Emotional Awareness workbook. The shop owner says she created this workbook to help her work through negative emotions and thoughts stemming from depression and she hopes it can help others do the same! Her work is really inspirational and the best thing about it is that prices are really affordable and you just need to print out your workbook at home. Check it out, I am sure you will find something great for you that will help you through some hard times.

3. Wicked Wings

wings on etsy

OMG, look at those beautiful wings. They are amazing and I want one right now. All of these wings from the Wicked Fairy Wings Etsy shop are lovingly handcrafted and very unique. Unlike the old style of tights or fabric wings which perish easily these wings are made in recycled products that last for many years. These wings are so popular at the moment, that their current wait time is between two to three weeks, so hurry up and make your order immediately. You will love it!

4. Soapworks & Candlery

etsy shop with soaps

Here is another amazing Etsy shop I had to share with you. Lovely Michele, the owner of the shop, spent months testing different waxes, fragrances, wicks, container sizes, etc. to get her candles just right. She has been making candles and soap for close to 20 years so you can be sure that they are perfect. My favorite so far is Merry Memories, the perfect holiday candle, but I am definitely trying some other ones too. Check out her shop – the prices are already really low and you can even get a discount for your first order! Awesome, isn’t it?

5. Lawyers

Few months ago I’ve been in a car accident. It was nothing serious but I needed a lawyer. Do you know how hard is it to find a good accident lawyer? I studied all the reviews I could find online, asked my friends for their recommendation and at the and went with these guys: accident lawyer Los Angeles. I am really satisfied with their approach and what they did for me, so I wanted to thank them someway and at least mention them on my blog!

Do you have some cool recommendation, website or etsy shop you would like to share with me? Maybe your own blog? Leave the link in the comments!

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