Make Everyday Easier: The Capsule Work Wardrobe

  • One quarter of female working Brits would prefer a work uniform
  • Nearly one in ten women have lost sleep over panicking what to wear to work
  • One in five women have admitted to getting changed on their lunchbreak
  • 25% of women are now creating capsule work wardrobes

Did those statistics surprise you? I didn’t think so, more women are subconsciously worrying about their work outfits then they ever did before. According womenswear retailer, Dorothy Perkins; working women spend nearly two days a year (43.5 hours) stood in front of the wardrobe choosing what to wear to work.

Nearly one in ten women from this study, admitted to having lost sleep over those decisions, and one in four women preferred to wear a work uniform to get away from the stress that comes from making the choice.

Shockingly, women from the study had also admitted to getting changed on their lunchbreaks, due to them being that uncomfortable – they feel it could’ve of affected their work.

Emma Davies, a Tailoring Buyer at Dorothy Perkins, said: “It’s no surprise that women prefer the idea of having a work wardrobe. With increasingly busy lives and time constraints, limiting their wardrobe to a few staple pieces mean cutting down the number of decisions that they already make in a day. 25% of working women are now creating ‘capsule wardrobes’ by selecting key pieces to create their own uniform. Finding a silhouette & shape that works for them is so important and that’s what we try to deliver in our range, offering key staple items that are updated through the season to help the time taken to get ready for work.”

As part of Dorothy Perkin’s study, they’ve picked out some big names who have grasped the ‘Capsule work wardrobe’

Amal Clooney

Amal’s staple styling of a white high-neck blouse paired with pinstripe trousers and blazer is perfect proof that something simple and refined can work wonder day-to-day.

Amy Zinck

Amy is the vice-president of a prestigious U.S art foundation. You might think that, working in the arts, her creative-leaning brain would be itching to try out all manner of colours and styles. But Amy says the key to her success is her miniscule workwear wardrobe. It contains just six of the same black trouser-suits, as well as two styles of top; one for summer and one for winter. When asked about her self-imposed uniform, she says “It is freeing. This is what I feel comfortable in, this is who I am.” 


Matilda Khal

Matilda Khal is the art director at Saatchi & Saatchi in New York. She’s taken streamlining her work wardrobe to the extreme, and opts for one of 15 identical white blouses every day, paired up with smart black trousers. She adds her own personal flare by finishing the look with a custom-made leather rosette. Matilda insists that having one less thing to worry about each day feels like a breath of fresh air, and has made her much happier overall.


You can check out the 3 other big names here to get your capsule wardrobe inspiration from.

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