brownies for breakfast

A Month Without Candies

Day #19

Progress: I am getting stronger every day.. Now I can see other people eating candies without dropping a tear!

I stopped with exercise for few days because of some women issues (you know what I mean..), but I am going back in the battle tomorrow.. It’s not so hard, I am getting more fit every day.. Good for me!

Day #27

It’s almost a month since I started with this.
I am proud of myself. Good job, Marina!
I started with this challenge because I wanted to eat healthier and this was one way to do that. I wanted to show myself that I am strong enough to do anything I want.
Well, now when I don’t eat candies, it’s time to go on. I decided not to eat after seven. Well, once a week I can, but rest of the week I wont eat after seven.
So, lets see how will that work, since I was always weak for dinners.

Day #28

It was easy for me to maintain this goal because I wasn’t tested for some time.
But today, I was.
Ok, from beginning..
I volunteer in our local library. I teach older people how to use computers.
They are really sweet and always funny. Most of them don’t even know how to use mouse or where is “enter”. But, they are willing to learn, and that’s most important.
So, today I had class with them and one lady gave me chocolate chip cookies – my favorite kind of cookies!! And did I eat them?
Noooo! I took them and gave them to my husband.
So, not only that I didn’t eat them, I sat next to him and watched him eat them.. Oh, they smelled so nice..
They are definitely going on my “To eat” list after I finish with this challenge!

Day #31

I decided to add a little bit more of walking into my daily routine.
When I was younger I was walking everywhere and all the time. And I was feeling great.
And now I walk only when I absolutely have to. I go everywhere by car or by bus..
But, that will change from tomorrow. Or maybe day after tomorrow.. ๐Ÿ™‚
I will walk as much as I can, and at least half an hour every day.ย 
I will even convince or try to convince my husband to take some healthy walks with me: in the forest, mountains, near the sea and all the other beautiful nature.
So, let’s see will this work.

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