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I am big fan of snail mail so I receive bunch of letters, postcards and packages every week.. I don’t like to read them immediately.. I like to read it when I’ve finished with everything I have to do that day.. I make myself cup of tea, sit in my favorite chair, and start reading how’s life going on with my penpals..
So, my problem is – I don’t have any nice place to put my letters when I receive them, or after I read them. So, I was looking around Pinterest and I found some interesting ideas.

 source: pinterest

Look how great it is.. I can even separate my letters and postcards. It’s so simple and it looks so easy to make! I will have to give my husband important diy assignment for next weekend.

source: pinterest

This one is bigger and more practical, because I can put bigger packages inside. It also seems like you can make it yourself.. BUT, I am not creative at all and I don’t know how would I make this! Any advice?

 source: Pinterest
Look at this! Small mailbox for the house! Cutest thing ever.. I would put this in front of my daughters bedroom and leave her little notes there every single day. I am not sure would she love it or would it be annoying after a while.
source: Pinterest
I don’t have enough place in my apartment to put something like this, but I had to share this with you! It’s such a neat idea!
So many nice ideas, and I don’t know how to make any of this! Do you maybe have some simple idea for me? Where to keep my letters before I open them or before I answer to them?
And do you like snail mail? When was the last time when you send handwritten letter to someone?

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  1. Lots of cute ideas, that indoor mailbox is really awesome! And I like that shutter thing but feel that if I did that, it would look cluttered and not inspired. I honestly keep all my cards in big hat boxes that can be used in a decorative fashion. It's nice to go through them every now and again and works as a great keepsake.

  2. What cute ideas! I love the last one. I would love to have something like that.

    I don't tend to get snail mail though. The only people that write to me are utility companies demanding my money, which isn't pleasant at all. I haven't written a letter for years. I'd love to do it though. The idea of having a pen pal is really nice.

  3. Oooh love this!! Snail mail is definitely the best!! I want to put mail boxes in my daughter's rooms so they can 'receive' post each day, hehe!! A home letter box is a great idea and then you always know where it is too 😉 Hope you have a fabulous day!! xx

  4. Oh, these are fabulous ideas!!! I love the look of the shutter…and a rustic one would be wonderful~

    PS…I KNOW you could bake a great layer cake. If you can craft, you can bake 🙂

  5. Such awesome pieces! Thank u notes are about the only things that I have handwritten lately, but that should really change starting today!!!

  6. ideja sa škurama je stroke of geniality 😀
    doma imamo košaricu na stoliću uz sjedeću garnituru… ali ne sjećam se kad sam zadnji put primila pismo – eventualno razglednica i moji omiljeni – računi ;-p

  7. Ja takodje jos uvek pisem dosta pisama rukom..i zalepim markicu liznuci je prvo;)
    Pisma koja dobijam(jos) lepo slazem u kutiju uspomenama.Ponekad tu kutiju otvaram..i citam..i zaista je to mnogo lepse nego e-mail:) A moje postansko sanduce niej nista narocito..ali sadrzaj koji nadjem u njemu ..jeste;)

  8. What a great post! I've bookmarked it. My favorites are the second and fourth pictures. I need to organize something like that. I love writing letters, it doesn't matter if I don't get any in return, I love putting pen to paper. Luckily, I have friends who love me, so I got snail mail yesterday <3

  9. Hey Marina,

    Thanks so much for stopping by our little blog and for your kind words!
    I love mail. All kinds. And am still one of those people that sends out handwritten thank-you notes and Christmas cards.
    A penpal. Hmmmm. Fun!

  10. I'm a massive letter fan and always write letters. I love the letter holders here. I just keep mine in a letter holder that is shaped to say the word Mail. It's lovely.

  11. I need some serious organization. It's not that I make messes really, it's my husband. I used to have a 3 tier wall hanging mail organizer and I have no idea what happened to it. I'm glad I read your post – I'm going to go dig it up. We just moved 8 weeks ago, so it must still be with the boxes I don't feel like unpacking yet.

  12. I love all of the pictures from pintrest. I am seriously in love with all of them! I do write and get handwritten letters often, I never gave much thought to where I put them. My old letters go into keepsake boxes but that is not practical for every day use.

    Thanks for posting this inspiration for us! 😀

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