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Randomness Wednesday: Top 10 movies you have to see (PART 2)

Which movies are in Part 1 list you can read here and now I will share the others. Once again, they are completely random, it would be so hard to decide which of them I like more.

– I think that Leonardo DiCaprio really became fantastic actor and lately all his movies are really great. This one was really exciting and the end left me thinking what’s real and what is not. But, I don’t want to share more, you will have to find out yourself.

– I’ve seen this wonderful movie bunch of times and I can watch it again and again. I love Tom Hanks in this movie. It’s a nice story and it really makes you happy about life.

My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

– When I first saw this movie I didn’t understand anything! I had to watch it second time and then I realized that it’s amazingly good movie! I love this kind of movies, where you have to be focused every second of it and where you can’t even imagine what will happen next.

9. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (La vita è bella)
– This movie always makes me cry and laugh. Such a sad story and such a beautiful one at the same time. Guido, main character is played by awesome Roberto Benigni. To help his son survive Jewish Concentration Camp, he pretends that everything is a game… You have to see that! Such a wonderful moments in this movie. You will cry, you will laugh, you will be sad, you will be happy…

Guido: You can lose all your points for any one of three things. One: If you cry. Two: If you ask to see your mother. Three: If you’re hungry and ask for a snack! Forget it! 

– I can’t help it! I just love these movies where you can never guess what will be the end! Brad Pitt is fantastic and Edward Norton even more. This is the last movie I thought about when I was writing this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good enough like the others. Interesting story that will chain you to the TV!


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  1. Inceptions was mind blowing and such a great flick. Loved Life Is Beautiful as well. Have you seen Tea With Mussolini? That's one of my faves, as well as Moonstruck – 2 Cher movies, weird. But I could watch both of those over and over again.

  2. I looooooove Inception!! One of my favorite movies! I agree – Leonardo DiCaprio is a fantastic actor (Have you seen What's Eating Gilbert Grape? He's awesome in that movie!)

  3. bravo ja, sve sam pogledala 😉
    dobra lista 😀
    moram priznati da mi se leo na prvu nije svidija ali sa svakim novim filmom mi je sve veća faca, ako išta zna onda je to odabrati uloge 😀

  4. I've watched three of the movies on your list. I enjoyed Fight Club – I was tricked a bit when the plot twisted if you know what I mean….when I saw Inception I thought it was way too confusing. If I could follow along with the plot better, I would have appreciated a bit more. And I watched Forrest Gump eons ago – I can't even remember most of it LOL But I have been to a couple of Bubba Gump restaurant franchises in the USA during my vacations and they are Forrest Gump themed. You might want to check out a Bubba Gump if you travel to the States one day!

  5. I couldn't follow "Inception", perhaps I should watch it again. I've never heard of Memento but with so many comments from people who loved it, I must put it on my "to see" list. I loved "Fight Club"!

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