Rinica Cosmetics – Natural Cosmetics Made In USA

My favorite weekend activity is definitely browsing amazing Etsy shops and finding awesome products. Unique, cheap and quality made! This time I want to share a cool shop called Rinica Cosmetics. Something definitely unique – Rinica Cosmetics etsy shop is amazing. You can find everything there, from anti aging face creams and handcrafted soaps to lovely hand and body balms you can buy for your friends. It’s a holiday time – buy some unique presents for your friends and family. They will appreciate it!


Rinica Cosmetics – Natural Cosmetics Made In USA

Rinica is a family skin care startup based in the suburbs of Chicago. It was founded by Irina and Nick, a mother and son team. Irina started developing Rinica creams over the past 10 years using natural and organic ingredients before organic was cool. And Nick is there to help with all kinds of operational and technical questions.

“We want to blow up the market of upscale skin care product and make great luxurious creams and balms that are natural. We don’t skimp on quality or ingredients. We use the latest technology and natural and organic ingredient to bring you the best in skin care.”

The first line of products that was introduced to general public are natural anti-aging creams, cleansing soaps and body balms that Irina tried for several years and offered to a select group of customers. I read lots of amazing reviews and had to try it myself.

Even though there are many amazing products in Irina’s shop, Orange Natural Hand & Body Balm for Winter caught my eye.. You can also choose lemon or coffee flavor. Awesome! This is a light balm that heals and moisturizes hands and body throughout the day in the winter. It consists only of natural and organic ingredients.

Check out Irina’s shop, you will love it!


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