unused backyard

How YardYum helped me make money from my unused backyard

How are you utilizing your backyard? Most of us have unused backyards. I was definitely one of those people. I’ve got quite a space that is waiting to be used right at the back of my house.

unused backyard

After a couple of Google searches, I was lucky enough to stumble upon this web site called YardYum.com. By now your curiosity has probably been triggered and you’re asking yourself “What is this YardYum all about”? Well let me give you a brief explanation of what it is. Basically, it’s a marketplace for people who are interested in renting pieces of land from others who want to earn some extra money from their unused backyard plots. Yardyum serves as a bridge for renters and owners of backyards.


This fun and useful website can also help you meet new neighbors and is a vital tool for gardening enthusiasts and professionals. It also promotes gardening, which as you probably know, has numerous health benefits.


All you really have to do is make a profile that contains the price of the backyard space that you want to sell. Include some pictures, add a brief description, select other factors like access (full / part time), if watering is included, list the payment method, and doze off as Yardyum does the rest of the work!


Note that how you design your profile will very much determine your potential buyers/sellers impression of you. For example, a profile with a missing or fake display photo may drive away possible inquiries for your backyard plot. This is the reason why you have to establish your profile properly and take the advertising process of Yardyum seriously.
Once a gardener becomes interested in your backyard plot, the two of you now have to set up a meeting date/place. The terms and conditions should inevitably be beneficial for both parties. Once everything is settled and agreed upon, both parties should now sign a contract. After this process, the gardener now grows the herbs, flowers, or fruits that they wish to. When it is harvest time, the gardener gives the plot owner the promised amount in the contract.


One cool thing – instead of exchanging money, the parties can agree that the gardener gives the landowner some of their crops. Think about that. Eating fresh fruits or veggies from your own land!
For safety reasons though, the exact details of both the plot owner and the gardener are not disclosed in the site, but are only shared upon direct messaging between the parties. Only the city of the plot owner is shown until they feel comfortable with the potential gardener, and choose to share their exact location.
After being able to earn a decent amount of money just by using this free and easy-to-use site, I definitely recommend it to any gardener or plot owner. Yardyum is a very reliable marketplace that not only serves its purpose of connecting the buyer and seller, but also gives out vital information about the land that you wish to rent / use. It’s one of the easiest ways to make passive income from your unused land. So what are you waiting for? Visit Yardyum.com to get started!

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