The top 5 brands in home lighting in 2017

Adding indoor and exterior lighting adds beauty to our home. Not only does it provide the illumination that we need to see, but it also makes our homes more inviting. Accent lights, for instance, can highlight your cabinets or walls. It adds a cozy and luxurious vibe to your personal space. That is why when choosing the home lighting for your home; you will have to choose the best that will give you the value of your money. You will also need to choose good quality lighting to ensure that what you are installing in your home is safe.


Here are the top 5 brands in home lighting in 2017.


  1. Endon Lighting

Endon Lighting is the leading decorative lighting brand in the UK. They have a wide range of selection of decorative lightings for the ceiling, floor, wall, table, bathroom, and for outdoors. Contemporary light fittings are also made easier because of this wide variety of options to choose from. You can opt to have modern or traditional-inspired designs using different materials. You can even choose designs that will make you feel like going back in time since there are also 1930’s-inspired ceiling lights to choose from. But most importantly, every year, Endon Lighting provides new trends for stylish and popular lights for your home.


  1. PINCH Design

If you are up for cozy home lightings, you might want to consider PINCH Design. They are the winner of Elle Decoration British Design Awards last 2013. PINCH Design is known for their simplicity. Their home lighting pieces are made of materials around us that we can connect to, making us feel at home and one with nature. After all, coy home lightings create a more personal feel on any spaces. Their collections are fit for both domestic spaces and office environments.


  1. DelightFULL Unique Lamps

If you are into vintage and classy designs, then DelightFULL Unique Lamps would be the perfect brand for you. They have unique handmade designs that will definitely improve any living space. The great thing about DelightFULL’s variety of options is that they have modern classic designs that showcase the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s spirit. They are definitely one of the top choices for interior design projects because classic designs can adapt to different ambiances.


  1. David Hunt

David Hunt is one of the longest surviving lighting manufacturers in the UK. From contemporary to classical home lighting designs, David Hunt offers a wide range of selection for interior styles. If you want something new and look more personalized, you can count on David Hunt for an extensive range of products.


  1. Calligaris


A lot of homes now showcase contemporary interior designs. Calligaris provides the perfect pair for this as they offer contemporary home lighting designs. They use different materials such as wood, metal, leather, plastic, and glass with their eye-catching designs. They are always up for innovation their home lighting designs and exploring new trends for a contemporary living. Calligaris also has a wide selection of trendy home lighting designs for any occasion.

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